Tuesday June 7, 2016
The worst has to be over, right?
Monday May 30, 2016
In just over four days the Copa América Centenario will kick off, beginning what looks to be a critical test of the US squad after an extended period of frustratingly up and down results.
Monday May 9, 2016
While the Copa América hopefuls are still a few days away from gathering in Miami, most of the 40 named players were either in uniform or on the field for their clubs this weekend.
Saturday August 8, 2009
The most unpredictable top-level league in Europe is about to start up, so of course, it's time to take a stab at predicting what awaits those Americans who are plying their trade in the land that brought us the beauty of Kraftwerk and Heidi Klum.
Tuesday May 12, 2009
The sun is close to setting on one of the more memorable and unpredictable German campaigns of recent memory. In contrast to the usual status quo with Bayern already crowned champions and the best of the rest duking it out for the remaining Champions League and UEFA Cup...pardon...Europa League places, no less than four [?] teams find themselves within a fingertip of lifting the trophy, separated by just a couple points.