Saturday April 8, 2006
International coaches in charge of teams that regularly qualify for the World Cup Finals are judged on one thing: how they fared in comparison to expectations held by fans and federation.
Tuesday April 4, 2006
The sun is shining and 20,000 blue and white fans are partying like there is no tomorrow.
Thursday March 30, 2006
Less than seven weeks remain until Bruce Arena must register his 23-man squad for World Cup, and the flight list is firming up.
Monday March 27, 2006
A lot of things have been written about the United States since their loss to Germany in Dortmund last week; I've finally decided to weigh in on the matter since everything that "we learned" isn't necessarily what I believe the United States should be taking out of their, at times, dire and ,at times, inspired performance.
Monday March 27, 2006
As I take a look at my usual sources for soccer news in the wake of Wednesday's match with Germany, I'm left with the distinct impression that the world - at least the World Cup -is coming to an end.
Monday March 6, 2006
Just over two months remain until Bruce Arena must submit his World Cup 2006 team sheet, and it is time once again to display the 23 men YA believes will make the plane ride to Germany this summer.
Thursday March 2, 2006
The US show in the snow will not go down as a vintage victory but as useful preparation for the 2006 World Cup and in addition will have given Bruce Arena more food for thought.
Thursday February 16, 2006
Two blow-out wins in a row in friendly matches have left American fans and, presumably, the coaching staff with a lot to think about. Here is a collection of random thoughts after watching the matches against Norway and Japan.
Monday February 13, 2006
If World Cup Group E really is the 'Group of Death', then Ghana could be first to the funeral.
Thursday February 2, 2006
Less than five months remain until the World Cup, and it is time once again to check on who will make the plane ride to Germany this summer.
Friday January 27, 2006
Maybe it's just that columnists need something to write about with MLS in the offseason and the USMNT not having much in the way of compelling matches as the try out players for the last few roster spots.
Sunday January 22, 2006
During the winter friendlies that begin Sunday against Canada, Bruce Arena will continue sorting out his summer traveling contingent. The two positions that need the most sorting out are right midfielder and left back.
Friday January 20, 2006
We know that most sports fans harbor fantasies of being players, managers, and/or agents. Knowing that we can't do much to help our readers actually achieve any of the above ambitions, we've decided to do the next best thing and create an opportunity to get inside the minds of players, managers, and agents.
Wednesday December 28, 2005
When the draw for the 2006 World Cup Finals paired the US with the Czech Republic, Italy and Ghana, the gasps from fans across the States could be heard in Leipzig.
Wednesday December 28, 2005
I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday, whichever one you happen to celebrate. As 2005 comes to an end, it's time to clean out the YA Mailbox and get to the comments you've written in over the last couple of months. I'm going to start off with two apologies.
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