Saturday February 28, 2009
It would be an understatement to say that since his arrival in the Principality of Monaco in the summer, Freddy Adu has struggled to settle into his new club.
Thursday December 11, 2008
The hex is on its way, and though realistically only a total catastophe would prevent the US from qualifying, we still have shaken up the roster considerably.
Wednesday September 17, 2008
The travel agency was closed for most the summer, but we've reopened and have been making numerous new reservations.
Thursday July 17, 2008
Close friends of mine would undoubtedly describe me to be an unabashed soccer fanatic, but they would also tell all of my readers that I am passionate about a cornucopia of different sports.
Friday June 27, 2008
Last year Hollywood icons Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson teamed up for an inspirational film entitled "The Bucket List."
Monday June 9, 2008
There are a myriad of aspects of professional sports that are highly intriguing to me, but perhaps the most hilarious facet of athletics are the infamous coaching rants caught on film.
Wednesday May 7, 2008
In the 1970s a young pop group from Sweden burst onto the global scene with a style of music that contained neither originality nor creativity. This band is most known for an unforgettable, yet highly dubious record entitled "Dancing Queen."
Tuesday March 25, 2008
The year 2008 marks the ten year anniversary of the United States Soccer Federation's infamous road map for long term success known as Project 2010. The explicit mission of Project 2010 was to transform the United States into a legitimate soccer power in time for the 2010 World Cup, which is slated to be hosted in South Africa for the first time.
Thursday March 20, 2008
This weekend marks round 31 of the 38 week marathon known as the English Premiership and heading into Saturday's action Derby County, Fulham, and Reading remain in serious jeopardy of receiving the dubious distinction of "Most likely to succeed in the Championship next season."
Sunday February 17, 2008
Our most popular feature is back, and these 23 Tickets sees the most movement of any of the previous editions.
Friday November 30, 2007
Since the last time we spoke, my team and I traveled to Holland to face Dutch second flight team FC Emmen in a friendly. I started the match and managed to score a with a cheeky lob over the keeper from outside the 18-yard box and help my team to a 4-1 victory.
Monday November 19, 2007
Since my last update, there had been some positive progress. The away game against St. Pauli II was cancelled due to weather in Hamburg, so we instead, had a hard day of training in the rain. We did some jogging, stretching, then a normal session finished with running up the stairs of the main stand in the stadium.
Monday November 5, 2007
The last time we spoke, I was looking forward to putting a few goals past the SV Lurup keeper. Unfortunately, the week didn't go as planned and I managed to only play about 10 minutes in our team's victory. The next week would be different. I had spoken to fellow YA Jeremiah White, about my situation and he gave me some good advice.
Wednesday October 24, 2007
A little more than three months has passed since our last installment, and in that time we have seen the US outclassed by Brazil and outmanned by Sweden before earning a consolation win against a weakened Swiss team in dire conditions.
Saturday October 20, 2007
The past few weeks have been positive off the field. Usually, Tuesday mornings we have a session of spinning and aerobics followed by normal training in the evening. The aerobics are done at a gym who are a sponsor of SV Meppen.
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