Tuesday December 12, 2006
The US Under-20 Men's National Team returns to camp in a few short days to prepare for January's World Youth Championship CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament.
Friday December 8, 2006
For all those who were looking forward to the next US Men's National Team coach having a German accent with a recent record of success, I feel your anger and disappointment.
Friday December 8, 2006
By this time every year, the big (and not so big) clubs in Europe have had enough time to know what their current roster is capable of accomplishing. They'll have experienced some injuries to key players and they'll know what needs shoring up.
Thursday November 30, 2006
With Thanksgiving passed and the holiday season begun, there is no better time to do our best impersonation of St. Nicholas himself and open up the YA Mailbag.
Wednesday November 29, 2006
Since the '94 World Cup, it has been fantastic, as a European, to watch how the American public seems to be growing a taste for "our" kind of football.
Wednesday November 22, 2006
It's obvious to me that most people concerned with American soccer want to see Jürgen Klinsmann become the next US National Team head coach. And I have my heart set on Jürgen as well, but if Jose Pekerman becomes the next head coach, I believe we should still be ecstatic.
Sunday November 19, 2006
It's recently come to light, through Los Angeles-based Spanish language newspaper La Opinion, that former Argentina coach José Néstor Pekerman will soon be named the new head coach for the United States National team.
Thursday November 16, 2006
There was a time not too long ago when US fans always knew they were holding a strong hand, no matter who was on the other side of the felt playing table.
Monday November 13, 2006
My new favorite team is now officially 1860 Munich.
Saturday November 11, 2006
Well, the mailbag is overflowing yet again and it's my turn to give you all my "enlightened" opinions...
Tuesday November 7, 2006
It's time for a reality check on the search for a new US coach.
Monday November 6, 2006
Bruce Arena is arrogant. He's certainly not the cheerleader that US Soccer, Nike, adidas, MLS and everyone else out there with a financial stake in the success of soccer in this country would like to have leading the charge.
Friday November 3, 2006
In the world of soccer, competitive advantage comes at a premium. As globalization makes our world a smaller place, new political situations challenge the sport's landscape.
Tuesday October 31, 2006
The long wait until World Cup 2010 has already begun for Red, White & Blue supporters, but YA has no intention of waiting to handicap the field for the South Africa sweepstakes.
Tuesday October 31, 2006
It's just one more tournament during a busy summer 2007 - I shouldn't feel so excited, but I do.
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