Tuesday October 17, 2006
Over the last 15 years, the goalkeeper position has become what one would describe as an "institution" for the United States. From Tony Meola to Kasey Keller to Brad Friedel, the Red, White & Blue has been well represented in goal at the international level.
Monday October 16, 2006
Scrolling through my list of to do's, I've got things that I need to do, and then the more urgent things that go on the short list. But most of all, I try to find anything else I can possibly do besides the things that are absolutely necessary.
Monday October 9, 2006
The 2007 World Youth Championships are less than a year away and the United States may have their best ever squad for the bi-annual competition. With an ever increasing amount of youths heading to Europe and others opting out of college early for Major League Soccer, it is plausible that this could be a team largely comprised of professional players.
Sunday October 8, 2006
In recent memory, ambitious young American soccer players looking to make the move to Europe have sought opportunities in England, Germany or Scandinavia, with the last of the three as a stepping stone to either England or Germany.
Tuesday October 3, 2006
The news has come down the pike that US Soccer has received an invitation to the 2007 Copa America, a celebrated tournament that serves as CONMEBOL's championship and always includes two esteemed guests.
Monday October 2, 2006
Not too long ago, I wrote about a number of worries related to the development of US Soccer between now and 2010. In the build-up to World Cup 2006, seemingly everyone who had an opinion on the US squad railed on the lack of an answer on the right side of the midfield.
Tuesday September 26, 2006
The ol' mailbag was starting to tip over, so I figured it was time to filter through them for your comments, kudos and criticisms. This time around, we will take a look at reaction to our last 23 Tickets manifest and the lack of a US coach.
Monday September 25, 2006
While I was uncharacteristically optimistic about the start of the new English soccer season, I have increasingly begun to feel that optimism was misplaced for a series of reasons.
Saturday September 9, 2006
Our 23 Tickets feature tends to ignite a fiery debate on our US squad selections, but the reaction this time around has been a little more pointed than usual.
Sunday September 3, 2006
While national teams in Europe have taken only a small respite from soccer, it seems that the US is taking its sweet time to recollect and move past the bad memories of Germany.
Thursday August 31, 2006
The long wait until World Cup 2010 has already begun for Red, White & Blue supporters, but YA has no intention of waiting to handicap the field for the South Africa sweepstakes.
Monday August 28, 2006
With the purchase of Aston Villa by American billionaire Randy Lerner finalized, I think it is time to sit back and appreciate how welcoming England has been to Americans plying their trade with great enthusiasm in various forms whether it be on the field, or now, through ownership.
Tuesday August 22, 2006
Why haven't Clint Dempsey, Eddie Johnson and Oguchi Onyewu moved to bigger clubs by now?
Wednesday August 16, 2006
With five Americans spread across three teams in the top two flights, YA has attempted to get a glimpse into what's in store for our Netherlands-based Yanks.
Wednesday August 16, 2006
OK, I'll start with the obvious caveat that there's a lot of time between now and 2010, but I thought I'd share what has me worried as I look forward to the next World Cup.
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