Wednesday June 14, 2006
This one was all about talent. You could probably quibble with Arena's selection – I'd have taken Bocanegra over Lewis on the left to provide more true defensive support and I'd have found SOME way to get Dempsey into the match – but that wouldn’t have changed the outcome here.
Tuesday June 13, 2006
Well, that sucked.
Monday June 12, 2006
Four years ago, the United States came out guns-ablazing against a Portugal team that were dark horses to win the entire tournament, while no one had given Bruce Arena's men a chance.
Saturday June 10, 2006
Bruce Arena got great mileage out of his World Cup newcomers in 2002, and will count on a group of talented newbies to help the cause again this summer.
Tuesday June 6, 2006
All anticipatory talk will soon end as the ball gets set to drop on another World Cup. Therefore, the time has come for us to go out on to that limb. Fortunately, the staff was in a climbing mood.
Tuesday June 6, 2006
When Jay DeMerit told reporters after the Championship Playoff final that his family and friends had been there to witness his game winning performance, an English reporter asked him if he had had to explain the rules to them first.
Saturday June 3, 2006
Well, folks… we have made the last 12-month wall calendar flip. The time is almost nigh. World Cup is almost back. Maybe mainstream America doesn't care just yet, but the ones who care can be impressively obsessive about the 'Nats.
Thursday May 25, 2006
We Americans are not known as a subtle people. History shows that when we decide to export something – action movies, fast food, watery beer, democracy, or whatever – it is rarely done quietly. Usually, governments or the intellectual elite, especially in Europe (and even more so in France), rise up to decry the fact that America is in some way, shape or form destroying the world with its influence.
Sunday May 21, 2006
Well, that just about does it. As success stories go, it officially doesn't get any better than the Jay DeMerit saga.
Tuesday May 16, 2006
With most soccer fans around the world counting their sick, personal and vacation days in anticipation of World Cup, there was some unfinished business in Germany beyond the sky boxes of the new multi-million dollar arenas.
Friday May 5, 2006
Concern for his fitness was the number one issue as US midfielder John O'Brien took questions from the media on Tuesday, not quite two hours after being named to the World Cup roster.
Sunday April 30, 2006
There are very few certainties in life. The sun sets in the west. Time's inexorable march cannot be halted. Guinness is good for you. I will find new and inventive ways to misplace my keys, each time more quickly than the previous one.
Thursday April 27, 2006
Mere days away from finding out the World Cup squad Bruce Arena will take to Germany, YA submits our final list of 23.
Wednesday April 26, 2006
International coaches in charge of teams that regularly qualify for the World Cup Finals are judged on one thing: how they fared in comparison to expectations held by fans and federation.
Thursday April 20, 2006
The 1950 World Cup unites the great English-speaking nations on either side of the Atlantic for different reasons.
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