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Wednesday, November 29, 2006
FC Copenhagen defender Jamil Fearrington will be looking for new employment in January after deciding to leave Danish champions.

"I talked with the manager and we decided to part ways," Fearrington told YA. "It's kinda hard because it's the club I've been in for seven years and it feels like I've been raised on the pitch out there."

While the decision has not been an easy one to make for the young talent, his ambitions, in the end, have outweighed his feelings for the club.

"Games for our second team just isn't enough for me," he says. "Though I never got to prove myself in a game, the club hasn't found me good enough for the first team, so I think this is the best solution."

As for previously expected Royal League action, Fearrington says that hope is now gone.

"(It) is out of the question for me," he said of the 12-team tourney comprised of the top four from each of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. "I'm not even registered to play."

No destination has been named yet, but it seems unlikely that Fearrington will be out of a job.

"I have some clubs interested both in and outside Denmark, but I can't name any names at this point," Fearrington revealed. "I can tell you that England is one of my priorities."

The Danish-born defender will leave FC Copenhagen as soon as a new club has been found and he will be available for a free transfer in January.

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