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CLINT WADDELL - Wednesday, December 1, 2010
American midfielder Jermaine Jones has been suspended from the first team along with defender Hans Sarpei and midfielder Alexander Baumjohann.

The three players will be training with Schalke's amateur team in the 4. Bundesliga until the winter break.

Magath justified his actions by saying that Baumjohann and Sarpei were suspended for the deficits during training, while for Jones, it was based on his performance in games. Jones was pulled at halftime in Schalke's 0-5 loss to Kaiserslautern last weekend.

This isn't the first time that head coach Felix Magath has taken action against Jones this season. He was left out of the Schalke squad that faced St. Pauli earlier this year following comments he made in the media. Jones had said that he felt that he "could have left the club this past summer and it wouldn't have mattered to anyone".

Jones had also criticized the system employed by Magath. He had stated that he used to have more space in the center of the midfield which was complementary to his mobility and that he has felt more restricted this season.

Jones just returned from a long break due to injury this past summer. He has a contract that is valid until 2014.

Schalke is currently in 15th place in the standings, just three points better than last-place Mönchengladbach.

Jones has been linked to several transfer rumors in the last few months, most notably to VfL Wolfsburg, Magath's previous team.
Monday January 10, 2011 4:24 pm
@Crewmudgeon, wrong Magath's nick is 'Quälix'. Please look up 'quälen' and his given name.
And the reason is his strict training program and his nononesense politics. If a player misbehaves, he is punished. Harshly punished. He is very successfull doing so (see Bayern, Wolfsburg).

And seriously folks: nobody in Germany cares about JJ or which national team he plays for.
Friday December 17, 2010 7:51 pm
@Bryan V

Yeah right, after the German National team coach basically signals to Jones he is of no use for him Jones' club coach takes revenge on him for switching to a second rate football nation. Honestly, that's total bs. Jones has a history of having trouble because of his "free spirit" - whether at his home-club Einracht Frankfurt, Leverkusen or now Schalke... heck, the guy even caused such a stirr at his childhood club that the fans over there hate him now. But I guess it's always the managers fault, isn't it!? And please: can we finally stop making excuses for Mr Donovan - reason he saw no playing time back then is he just didn't cut it! It's pro sports - you don't get playing time if you don't earn it and he just didn't man up.
Monday December 13, 2010 6:15 pm
The guy seems like a bit of a head case, doesn't he? I'd be happy to see him in the USMNT camp, but even happier to see him quickly cut loose if he turns out to be a jerk.
Saturday December 11, 2010 5:42 pm
Obviously, there are issues here other than Jones' form factoring in to this decision.... I think that Jones has a point when he says that he is not as free to roam the midfield as he had been in the past.... Of course, I've long believed that any player wanting to play with any sort of flair or creativity should stay away from German football... The German's prefer a possession-based game in which players are often barked at to pass the ball if it is at their feet more than a second or two.. Personally, I think Jones would be better off palying a holding MF role with a bottom-half-of-the-table Premiership side, even though he is obviously comfortable in Germany, where he has spent most of his life.... Either way, Schalke 4 is seeming like a bad fit these days..... I didn't realize that his contract at Schalke doesn't expire until 2014.... yikes.
Saturday December 11, 2010 1:43 pm
Does he get a January camp invite from Uncle Bob? I'm only interested in how he plays for The USMNT... I'm sure his protracted injury caused a riff with the coach. Perhaps he'll be active in the January transfer window. Arsenal could use a little toughness at defensive Mid... hmmmmm
Monday December 6, 2010 7:42 pm
I have no problem with Jones' arrirude. Why would a coach suspend a player 2 months or more for poor play? The coach is the problem! How well will those three perform when they return after missing valuable game play and first team practice? They won't be doing any better! The coach is an idiot! If you don't like players don't suit them and work with them to transfer to a team that appreciates their skills!
Monday December 6, 2010 7:08 pm
The USMT is such a cohesive unit that I dont see how Jones can really ruin that. The American people dont really know him at all so noone really cares about his opinion. Im sure if Donovan went to BB and said this guy is trouble he'd be gone in a second.
Bryan V
Monday December 6, 2010 6:45 pm
It seems that people forget that there are two sides to every story. Landon Donovan was in Germany and the coach for his team was toying with him. When he went back for his second stint in Germany he was promised a chance to get some playing time and they did not keep up with their side of the story paving the way for him to go to MLS. I am sure there is more then a little hostility because of Jones' change in national team allegiance and I think that sometimes people just always assume the manager is right. I love Alex Ferguson, but his treatment of Beckham (kicking a shoe in his face then telling the team doctor to patch it up to get him back on the pitch) attributed to him leving and Beckham was perceived as the bad guy. Attitude is something that is good on the pitch as well and it takes a good manager to harness that into a positive attribute for the player. Clint Dempsey has an "attitude", but he needs it to be confident and to stay on top of his game. Need evidence just take a look at the leading scorers in the EPL (plus all of their leagues) and the best players at other positions have this "attitude" that seperate themselves from the average player.
Monday December 6, 2010 6:49 am
I hope BB is watching closely. A chippy, aggressive attitude on the field is one thing, but if this creeps into the locker room, it can really hurt. Jones is the new kid on the national team and is probably on his best behavior. Time will tell.
Ben H
Wednesday December 1, 2010 12:13 pm
After seeing Jones in action with the USMNT I have to say he is the most skilled field player we have right now.... but I worry about attitude. USMNT has always seemed to play above their abilities mostly due to a never say die attitude. I hope we don't lose that as skill level continues to improve.

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