BRENT LATHAM - Friday, July 3, 2009
Edgar Castillo's recent, open declaration that he is ready to switch federations came as a surprise to just about everyone in the North American soccer world. It was not so shocking that a player who is out of form and seemingly out of contention for the Mexican national team would look to make a change to a team where he could possibly play as soon as next year's World Cup.

What was surprising was the way Castillo went about announcing his intentions. His open declaration was a huge tactical mistake. Certainly his agent should have done a better job of handling this. Castillo backed himself into a corner, and the response from the FMF was predictable. Castillo will never wear the Tricolor again, and he'll be lucky if he can remain in Mexico playing professionally at this point.

The ball is in the court of the USSF now, and with Castillo out of form, his suiting up the Stars and Stripes is far from certain as well. The USSF responded to an inquiry about Castillo's declarations with an indifferent "no comment," likely in response to Castillo's earlier statements that he would never wear the US colors. USSF President Sunil Gulati said on a conference call Thursday that the US has made preliminary contact with Castillo's representatives, but that nothing has been determined as yet.

We at YA are on top on this situation, and much more news and opinion on the situation is coming soon. In the meantime, have your say below.
G Lopez
Thursday July 16, 2009 1:15 pm
Who's Edgar Castillo???? Instead of looking at out of shape players especially from Mexico (with the exception of El gringo Torres), we should be focusing our attention on American players that are trying to get back into contention because of injury. Look how Spector is doing, I think he did a great job. Now where is Bobby Convey, they should give him a change at the Gold Cup.
Wednesday July 8, 2009 11:29 am
Lets see him come to the MLS and see how he adapts to US style of football before giving him a pass to the National Team. Forget your pride and look to improve and push the players we have, already in the system. As for Jones, I would love to see him slotted into the lineup. Maybe even a certain German might want to coach him on the US Team.
Saturday July 4, 2009 8:14 pm
you guys are trippin , hes a good young player with ridiculous speed . In case you didnt know , steve cherundolo is 30 now and isnt very good. Heath pearce is a joke . He is already one of the better lb or rb on the team , ill take him on the nation team all day . And you know all the mexicans will hate him , he will be the new donovan !!
Saturday July 4, 2009 1:55 am
castillo is a decent player at best during his current form. I will agree with Barry that he was playing very well with santos until club america signed him. club America has that effect on many players. If castillo can find his previous form he could be a great option at left back or left midfield for the united states, even if he's on the bench he's a better option than some players with his technical ability and his ability to get forward from fullback. He can deliver decent crosses from a left back/midfield position similar to what spector did at the confed cup.
Saturday July 4, 2009 12:45 am
Edgar Castillo, please stay away from the USMNT, we don't need you here, OK?
Friday July 3, 2009 7:30 pm
We have a lack of international experience in the DM position and a lack of depth in our fullback pool. Calling them into a camp to see what they're about should be a no-brainer! No if they get the nod over a better player, that's smack.

Frankly, as long as someone plays well and gives their all for the jersey I don't care what their reasons are for wanting to join USSF. I'm sure if any of our starters had the opportunity to play for Brazil or Spain or Germany or England they'd mull it over long and hard--maybe even go. It's might be an unromantic thing to say, but this is a business and if it'll make them a better player they need to consider it.

For example, while I think Rossi is a Judas for what he did, but I can't say I blame him...
Barry U
Friday July 3, 2009 10:04 am
So the FMF says he will never play for them again. LOL. They need to worry about the sorry lot that does want to play for them more than Castillo changing his mind. In my opinion they did not really want the kid anyway. He got lucky that they did not cap tie with a 1 minute run out in a qualifier. Castillo was born in the US and trained here until he was 16. This guy is 22 years old and had a bad 6 month spell at America. Before that he played very well for Santos. Reports talk about his speed and technical ability and that is something the US lacks from it's backs. I think the odds that he will regain his form and be a player for the US in the coming years is very, very possible. Would love to see him stick it Mexico in a Gold Cup or WCQ. But more importantly at WC.
Friday July 3, 2009 7:27 am
It's nice adding depth, but the U.S. national team shouldn't be a fallback for players whose fortunes have dimmed elsewhere. Neither Jermaine Jones nor Edgar Castillo were going to feature for their first-choice national teams, so you have to question their commitment when they suddenly want to switch sides. But if they can add to the team, then they deserve a chance.

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