DAVID SMITH - Tuesday, December 6, 2011
When Fulham midfielder Clint Dempsey put away spilled save by Pepe Reina in the 85th minute on Monday night against legendary team Liverpool FC, he not only earned the Cottagers an important three points but also furthered his case for being the top American field player to ever compete in England's top division.

With the goal, his 37th in the Premier League since joining Fulham nearly five years ago, the Texan officially broke Brian McBride's record for goals scored by an American in the division.

The record-breaking goal offers some symmetry to a highly successful spell with the team; his first time to find net after joining Fulham came on May 5, 2007, when his 70th-minute goal in the second half was the only score in a 1-0 victory over Liverpool, a result which ultimately secured the Cottagers' place in the Premier League for the following season.

The calendar year 2011 was already a record breaking year for the Nacogdoches-born attacker, having claimed Fulham's all-time Premier League scoring crowd back in late-April when he scored his 32nd and 33rd goals against Bolton to pass McBride and Steed Malbranque on the list.

With four goals through the team's first 14 games, Dempsey is again on pace to be the team's top marksman for a second straight season in league play, and stands to have another shot at the latter stages of the Europa League in the early months of 2012 after playing a major role in the team's run to the final two years ago.
ed p
Thursday January 5, 2012 7:14 pm
Anyone who criticizes Landon Donovan for not going to the EPL, etc. long term, should fly to LAX and take a stroll on The Strand in Manhattan Beach on a sunny Southern California day. It might give you a new perspective. I love Donovan and Dempsey. I have a McBride MNT jersey. We are blessed to have all of them.
Revs fan from way back
Monday January 2, 2012 12:47 pm
Dempsey is a better club player than Donovan while the opposite is true for the nat'l team. I've supported Dempsey while he was playing for the Revs and been frustrated by his timely goals as a Liverpool fan. He's as gracious an athlete as they come but he's incredibly driven, which is part of why he has been successful in Europe. I think Dononvan is driven to grow the game domestically and play in MLS.

In my mind, they're both proven winners and 1 and 1a as far as American players are concerned.
Ed C.
Tuesday December 20, 2011 3:47 am
apples and oranges? they're two different players who are both very good at what they do. personally i find that to be a success one must play in a 'big' league and not settling for being a big fish (Donovan) in a small pond (MLS). True, Donovan does well when he takes those loan spells to Everton but really, he should sign for the team or an English team to really make a name for himself. would Messi be so great if he just played in Argentina?
Wednesday December 14, 2011 8:34 pm
McBride is still the best we've ever had. He didn't need a team around him to be a great player. His full time effort while getting the proverbial bejesus kicked out him on a full time basis is legendary.

Dempsey doesn't have the physical gifts McBride did and he gets criticized because he can't perform with the national team like he does with Fulham. He is a great smart, intuitive player though. Imagine what he'd be like if he were a little quicker and didn't want to fight everyone at about the 75 minute mark.

Donovan? He's a real puzzle. It seemed like he didn't have the maturity to prove himself in Europe, but for Everton, and then he bailed on them. Some great MNT results obviously but he sure hasn't done much with the team lately except wander around the pitch mopily. For continual excellence, I pick McBride
AF Whigs
Monday December 12, 2011 1:32 pm
You know, I am a huge EPL fan, and while I think MLS overall is pretty good, I think it can be argued that the true test for a player is to play somewhere in Europe.

My only gripe with Donovan is that he doesn't seem to want to test himself. He's been happy being the "big fish in a small pond". I can understand the sacrifices of playing overseas, but our domestic league is just not of the same caliber as what goes on in Europe. I don't think Donovan can be called "the best the US has produced" without really being tested.

I'm not bashing Donovan, but just stating what I see as "facts" (YMMV in how you perceive this situation). Good for Clint. He's a good, gritty player and deserves more recognition in the US.
Thursday December 8, 2011 10:41 am
Dempsey plays in a real league and has played very well for 5 years. Him and donovan are our beat players but I still think dempsey is better. If donovan would stop being an idiot and go to europe he would be a beast. Mls is a joke
Wednesday December 7, 2011 4:17 pm
@— referee1951,

Dempsey fans have no interest in denigrating Donovan. The thing you have to understand about US Soccer is the establishment has its Chosen Ones. Landon Donovan is a great 'Chosen One' and that is the rub. He is an outstanding player.

Here are the problems that Dempsey fans have :

- that until 2011, Dempsey had been Honda's player of the year once, and Donovan 7 times.
- John Harkes' clueless bashing of Dempsey as someone that doesn't work hard (Harkes has changed his tune over the past year to his credit)
-People like Alexi Lalas calling Donovan the "Undisputed best player the US has ever produced" or calling Donovan the current "Undisputed best player" --this is BS, there are lots of those that dispute!

I am Dempsey fanboy, and believe he is the best player the US has now. I have a lot of 'evidence' to prove it. However, I don't think that people who think Donovan is the best are stupid, or that Dempsey is "undisputed", and I don't bash on Donovan. I think that the "Dempsey vs Donovan" dispute is similar to a "Pele vs Maradonna" dispute.
Wednesday December 7, 2011 3:50 pm
I do not read the article about Dempsey's EPL accomplishments as denigrating Landon Donovan. Clint has played four plus years in the EPL and is the leading American EPL scorer of all time. His play has saved his team from relegation; propelled them into the finals of a European competition and helped make Fulham a team to be reckoned with. Landon only played a partial season in the EPL with Everton. He was very impressive, but it is hard to say someone was the best American ever in the EPL when they only played half a seaon. Both are about the best the US has ever had. I am happy to see Clint do so well but I wish Brian McBride had played in England a little earlier in his career. If so, the bar would have been set a lot higher. As someone who attends both Galaxy and Fulham matches, they are both a joy to watch.
Wednesday December 7, 2011 10:21 am
Why do so many people disparage Donovan? As a completely neutral observer who Loves US Soccer, I find Donovan exceptional, he has had an incredible career few Americans come near. He is clearly USA best player and has been for more than 5 years. We Love Dempsey. Why force comparisons? Dempsey is an inspiration. and has taken USA to new heights in EPL. So why have to denigrate Donovan in order to raise Dempsey?
Tuesday December 6, 2011 6:16 pm
not to mention his shot off the top cross-bar a few minutes earlier, nor almost being ejected from the game with a near head-butt (silly behavior) he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. It's nice to see him sneak in under under achieving Donovan and soon will be the true focus of who the US soccer team should be building around. Well done Clint, keep up the goods.

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