BRIAN SCIARETTA - Friday, February 10, 2012
The fabled South American tournament looks to be spreading to the Northern hemisphere for its 2016 edition

In addition, reports circulate that CONCACAF is getting involved, and the United States may have a chance to play host.

CONCACAF President Alfredo Hawit says the proposed tournament would be in a year that neither the Gold Cup or Copa America were originally scheduled, and bring together 10 CONMEBOL teams and eight from CONCACAF in a combined centennial Copa America celebration. The idea is to permanently open the doors between the two regions, with this event being the highlight of a series of events that may include Brazil being a regular fixture in future Gold Cups.

In terms of revenue, it's an obvious choice for the United States to host one of the most popular events in the soccer world, as the stadium capacity and TV deals would likely generate unprecedented financial success for the hosting organizations.

One of the arguments to the U.S. hosting the event is that since it is the centennial celebration of the tournament, there will likely be some purists who will want the tournament to stay in South America, probably in Argentina where the tournament began in 1916.

Until further details are released, there is only speculation about the field of teams and what the qualifying process will be to make the cut. If it does come through and the U.S. is chosen to host, it will perhaps be considered as a kind of compensation for not being chosen to host World Cup 2022.

Should the scheduling stay the same as Copa America typically is, the tournament would be taking place right around the time that World Cup Qualifying is set to begin for 2018.
Sean S
Sunday February 26, 2012 7:24 pm
An extra chance to qualify for the 2017 Conferderations Cup, Great! I absoluted HATED missing out on 2013 especially considering 2009. But make no mistake, there is no such thing as consolation for not getting to host the World Cup!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike E
Saturday February 25, 2012 10:03 pm
Hasn't FIFA shot this idea down before? The whole idea is the the Euro is the World's #2 tournament behind the World Cup, and this would ruin the plans of the snobby Euro-Peons.

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