KRIS LINDSAY - Saturday, September 7, 2013
The US team once again failed to win in Costa Rica. Here are the player ratings.

Starting Lineup

G - Tim Howard, 4.5: Should have done better on the second and third goal. Stayed in no-man's land on the final goal. His service wasn't great.

D - DaMarcus Beasley, 4.5: Beaten several times around the corner. Had a hard time coping with the speed from Costa Rica. Possibly could have stopped the first goal.

D - Matt Besler, 5: Was beat by Joel Campbell on the third goal, and picked up a yellow that will keep him out against Mexico. Helped to put out several fires, but was drawn out of position several times in an attempt to help out the outside backs.

D - Omar Gonzalez, 5.5: Did well in the back, but like Besler was drawn out of position several times. Was a better aerial threat in the second half,

D - Michael Orozco, 3.5: Clearly playing out of position. He was beat several times around the end. Very forgettable night.

M - Jermaine Jones, 4.5: Had a terrible beginning to the match, settled down and asserted himself better in the second half.

M - Geoff Cameron, 4: Passing was wildly inaccurate. He was the fault of a couple of giveaways in the midfield. Controlled a bit more in the second half, but his passing was not acceptable.

M - Fabian Johnson, 6: Very active in the midfield, one of the few bright points. His run into the box drew the penalty. He was a bit more quiet in the second half, but caused problems for Costa Rica earlier in the match.

M - Graham Zusi, 4.5: Good vision on the play that led to the Fabian Johnson penalty, but had little control in the midfield, and his passing was subpar.

M - Landon Donovan, 5: Didn't make the impact most predicted. Invisible for much of the night. Connected better pushing forward in the second half, but was largely neutralized.

F - Clint Dempsey, 5: Was fortunate to get the goal on the penalty after a poor take. Unlucky to hit the post after clearly beating Navas in the second half.


F - Eddie Johnson, 5: Not much of an impact into the game, tracked back a bit, but didn't create the much needed offense expected from him.

F - Jozy Altidore, 4.5: Picked up a yellow card late after a poor decision to shove a Tico. Had one shot that was deflected, leading to the breakaway goal on the other side.

M - Aron Johannsson, NR: Late sub.
Sunday September 8, 2013 12:24 pm
It was a team disaster. Better now than Brazil. JK is a relentless experimenter. But how about this: Am I the only one who seemed to notice that Landon Donovan is the greatest passer in USA soccer history? With the best field vision? He's an attacking midfielder not a striker. When Bradley went down the obvious alignment is Donovan in his spot.

And Dempsey's not a striker either. While deeper than ever, at an elite level we need Altidore, Dempsey, and Bradley. And in my world, Bradley paases to Donovan who finds Zusi or FJ who find Altidore. And Dempsey is the trumping wildcard.
Saturday September 7, 2013 6:36 pm
So let me get this straight you have Geoff Cameron who play's rb at the premiership level in England, IDC if he's a stay at home defender he's solid. And you have a million cm, and you play orozco who really shouldn't be in the roster at rb. Put Cameron at cb and Beckerman in mid it's concafaf competition. Or when evans was hurt you gotta bring more rb. Sheannon Williams and that other good mls guy have never been given a chance. And I know bb didn't really give the Mexicans a chance except for torres in costa rica and against Slovenia in the wc, but maybe there's a reason, they're awful. Im awful for diversity but when it's at the risk of people being horrible, it's a joke. Castillo, Orozco, and torress should never get near the national team ever again, they've never added anything of value or had a stand out performance. when people work harder than anyone on the field and have quality like herc that's fine but to put people just on the team when theyre Mexican when they can't play (edgar Castillo) that leave out much better euro and American mls players, it's joke. this is not your social experiment jurengen this is football, this is why we will be out again in the first round of the world cup, because we have no American heart like the women's team. pathetic. why not play a 4-3-2-1 like all summer that worked with
(Altidore/Johansson) starting two players up top who are natural wingers/ midfielders. smh
Saturday September 7, 2013 10:48 am
Your low rating of Tim Howard was unjust. While he certainly could have done better, none of the goals that went in were soft, and he made a bunch of good saves that kept the score from getting ridiculous in the first half. As for Gonzo and Besler being caught out of position, it is kind hard for a CB to maintain his position when the midfield keeps losing possession and the outside backs are little more than traffic cones.

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