BRIAN SCIARETTA - Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Duane Holmes lived up to the hype in his professional debut on Tuesday and has earned rave reviews for his performance.

In Huddersfield Town's League Cup game against Hull City, Holmes entered the game early in the second half as an offensive spark. In the end, Huddersfield lost 1-0 but most of the attending press was raving about Holmes' performance.

In the Daily Mail's post game write up, it read: "Huddersfield's best player on the night was18-year-old substitute Duane Holmes, who terrified Hull with his direct running in the second half."

Also after the game, Huddersfield head coach Mark Robins was quick to single out Holmes. "I was pleased with a number of our younger lads, and Duane in particular," said Robins. "He showed the kind of bright spark I was looking for and carved out a few opportunities for himself."

Holmes, 18, was born in Georgia to an American father and an English mother. When he was four he moved back to England with his mother. He has played with Huddersfield Town since U-9 level and has been promoted every level and now finds himself on the first team. During his progression, he has emerged into a top prospect at the club frequently earning positive press and accolades along the way.

Despite his dual nationality, Holmes has insisted that the United States is his preference internationally.

"I've always wanted to represent the United States because I am American and that's where I'm from," Holmes told YA in January. "I've always had my heart set out on playing for America, to be honest."

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