KENYA BROWN - Tuesday, December 23, 2014
Two American goalkeeping legends have publicly made nice over earlier finger-pointing.

American goalkeepers Tim Howard and Brad Friedel appear to have settle their beef over controversial comments the Everton man wrote in his recently published autobiography.

Howard went on his official social media pages on Tuesday to post a statement saying that he will strike all future references in his new autobiography to allegations that Friedel tried to block his move to Manchester United in 2003.

"I have decided to take Brad at his word. Accordingly, I have directed my publisher to amend future copies of my book by striking reference to Brad's opposition," said Howard.

The feud between the two veteran netminders started ahead of the release of Howard's book "The Keeper" in which the 35-year-old wrote that he learned from Manchester United legal staff that Friedel not only refused to sign a statement on his behalf, he had tried to block the transfer all together.

Friedel vehemently denied Howard's accusation, calling it "complete garbage."

The 43-year-old, who was at Blackburn Rovers at the time Howard was looking to finalize his move to the Red Devils, has said he never tried to wreck Howard's chances of getting a work permit. Friedel went as far as to demand an apology from Howard over the accusation.

Now, with the release of Howard's statement, it looks like the former U.S. national team goalkeeper is happy that the dispute is settled.

"Glad it's over, happy to move on," Friedel tweeted on the same day.

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