BRIAN SCIARETTA - Tuesday, June 1, 2010
The number of Americans playing in the World Cup this summer was reduced by one today as Giuseppe Rossi was cut from the Italian World Cup team by head coach Marcello Lippi.

Rossi, 23, was born in New Jersey to Italian born parents and famously turned down repeated requests to play for the United States in hopes to play for the country of his heritage.

In 2005 US head coach Bruce Arena tried to call Rossi in for a friendly against Scotland and Rossi declined. He also declined a World Cup invitation from Arena in 2006.

Rossi has continuously tried to play both sides of his dual nationalities.

In 2009, he admitted to that being considered an Italian player made things easier for him career-wise.

"I have always dreamed of being a professional player," Rossi told the website. "It is easier to do so in Italy."

Rossi has also made strange comments about feeling different emotions once he steps on the field and this has played a role in his choice.

"Off the field, I have always felt American. On the field I've always felt Italian," Rossi told ESPN last month.

Rossi played a role for the Italian team this cycle in World Cup qualifying and in the Confederations Cup where he scored two goals against a 10-man United States team. The Italians, however, failed to advance out of the group where the US went to the finals. His only other goal for Italy was against Northern Ireland in a friendly in Pisa.

If Rossi's overall dream is to play in a World Cup, his decision to play for Italy has backfired in a tremendous way. While he still has a chance to play for Italy in four years, he likely would have been a starter this summer for the United States up top with Jozy Altidore.

After watching both his countries play in the World Cup this summer on television, Rossi will focus on finding a club team after his contract with Villarreal runs out this summer. The American will try and hope to break into the Italian team once again as they prepare for Euro 2012 qualifying in the fall.
Saturday July 17, 2010 12:24 pm
I really feel sad for anyone who misses out on his or her dream. But to spurn the nation of your birth, the nation that proved time and again, that they were interested in helping your career, is just poor behavior. I'm also sure this kid is a fine young person. He's clearly athletically talented. But he should have played for the USA.

Karma got him. It's going to be equally difficult to build a footballing career as a mid-level Italian as it would be as a US International. In fact, it might be easier had he shown up for the nation that wanted his services, scored a bunch of goals, and helped us do well. Now, he's an Italian who plays club level only.

I hope he does not regret his decisions at the end of his career.
Big Wave
Tuesday July 13, 2010 5:50 pm
I am sure Rossi is a great kid. He was a part of my favorite club (Man United) at one point. Its just sad that his talent wasn't on display for the States because he would've just completed his SECOND World Cup if he spurned Italy, which I know would've been hard.

Playing just behind Altidore would've been phenomenal and you add a healthy Charlie Davies and all of a sudden the US attacking options are World Class.

I wish him the best though, I am not bitter just sad for him...
Thursday July 8, 2010 6:24 pm
he did move back. when he was teen he told his parent he was eager to move to italy to improve his skills so his dad took back did some stuff with parma and the rest is history. now that he is on his own he visits his family in US over summer. they live in an italian community so most likely he is not getting shouted at constantly plus the lack of americans watching soccer or following im sure he is safe in his decision
Sunday July 4, 2010 4:23 pm
what people have to understand is Giuseppe didn't balantly state he wont play for US. ya true he was born here. but there are so many family ties who probably pressured him to just go for italy. as well as the italian neigbhor hood he lived in probably wanted him to play for italy. and really US even took in many foreign born players to their national team like stuart holden, pablo masteroni, benny filhaber among others so that is kind of hipocrite to hate a guy who was born here play somewhere else and than to take guys from other countries to play for US. Scotland wanted Stuart Holden but US still took them so ya kiind of hypocrite
clarence johnson
Wednesday June 30, 2010 5:04 am
Giuseppe has made a decision to not play in the World Cup this year. He is a good player with loads of potential for the future. What confuses me about his decision is that every true italian knows how corrupt the calcio system is. He , as an italian, should have known that Lippi was never going to bring him to South Africa. Why on earth would he choose a maybe over a lock YES. I guess his heart is 3X larger than his brains, but I'm not mad at him. Now, Boateng for Ghana is demonstrating how getting on the field is where it's at!
Friday June 25, 2010 9:41 am
Hey Guiseppe,

I hope you feel 100% Italian this morning.

Thursday June 24, 2010 4:55 pm
What and American kid that speaks Italian with a Jersey accent got left off the Italian national team! Say it ain't so. Tuff break G. Well you can watch from home, which for tax perposes is still America.
Sunday June 6, 2010 12:33 am

My parents come from Latin America and I was born here in the States. The LAST time I checked is if you're born in any state within the USA or a United States base in a foreign country you're considered..........AMERICAN.

Now I don't blame you for representing your country Portugal that's totally fine. I support my parents country well my mom's dad's from PR. But regardless of all that my loyality to this country is FAR more than that of my heritage or my background to Honduras. Don't get me wrong I love Honduras because I have a parent from there, but I am American and I fully represent it.

If you ever noticed the New York Yankees seem to be more a worldwide symbol of baseball than New Zealand is to rugby or Pakistan to cricket. So at the end MLB is more marketable than those two sports. Plain and simple.
Saturday June 5, 2010 11:59 am
I'm second generation, proud of my mixed ethnicity, but full-blooded American - this country gives its citizens the opportunity and freedom to work for whatever they have. Numerous players on the US rosters are in the same situation as Rossi - if he wants to be Italian he has that freedom - just close the door on your way out of the country. This is not a case of hypocrisy - I felt exactly the same when less talented US players wanted to play baseball/basketball for other countries in the Olympics if they could not make the US #1 team because it benefited them personally. Let's not be naive, Rossi is seeking a higher personal gain/glory for himself, not a calling to serve Italy.

Hey Miguel, you obviously are loyal to your heritage more so than your home. Feel free to take that loyalty with you and leave those US dollars, benefits, and utilities behind. You have every right to badmouth the US - but do it overseas while making the equivalent of $3/hour.
Cliff Halstead
Saturday June 5, 2010 11:46 am
Tough break, but the kid followed his heart( or his Dad's) and went for it. Looking at the quality of the Italian strikers, I think Lippi might be the one that gets the heat for dropping him.
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