Wednesday, December 3, 2008
1860 Munich defensive stalwart Gregg Berhalter has given an honest insight into the current season and where his future may take him.

Berhalter and his teammates opened the campaign in brutal fashion before rebounding to have the strongest defense in the 2 Bundesliga, despite struggling on offense.

"We have had some issues with our attacking play and I would attribute this to our inability to finish the chances we have been creating," the veteran defender told YA. "I think it is a matter of time before this changes.

"We have good quality offensive players and we have been working extremely hard in training on our finishing."

"I think the key to our defensive success has been a conscious effort by every player to immediately pressure the ball when we lose possession and the determination to get behind the ball in good positions when our initial pressure is broken."

With 1860 sharing stadium time at Allianz Arena with German giants Bayern Munich, they have the best facilities in the 2 Bundesliga. Berhalter admitted that this could, at times, be a hindrance as well as a help.

"I think the area that we need the most work on is our results at home," he assessed. "This is difficult because every team that comes to the Allianz Arena is looking forward to visiting the stadium rather than being faced with a hostile environment to play in."

"Having said that, if we are able to put early pressure on the opponent the crowd really gets behind us and that makes it harder for them [the opposition] to get into the game."

"I believe that promotion will be decided very late in the season," the North Carolina Tar Heel claimed. "If we are able to hang close to the top we will position ourselves to have a chance."

In the final year of a contract that ends in June, Berhalter has plans to craft out a plan for his future - one that may include a return the United States - in the next six weeks.

"As far as my future is concerned, I am going to take time during the winter break to discuss possible options with my family," the two-time World Cup veteran said. "[We'll] see what makes sense for us moving forward."

"I believe that at my current fitness levels I can continue to play at a high level. Whether that be in Germany or in the MLS remains to be decided."

Berhalter and his Lions travel to face Alemannia Aachen this weekend.

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