DAVID SMITH - Friday, June 12, 2009
Schalke 04 defensive midfielder Jermaine Jones has recently informed the German FA of his intentions to represent the US National team in the future.

"I understand from Jermaine Jones' representatives, and now from public statements by the DFB, of his intention to apply for a change of status under FIFA's recently revised regulations," USSF president Sunil Gulati told YA.

The ruling, which was passed by FIFA at the beginning of June, will not come into effect until early-August, however it is unclear when Jones will be eligible to don the stars & stripes.

"Once that process is completed, he'll be eligible for selection to the U.S. National Team," Gulati confirmed.

The announcement comes barely one week after a FIFA ruling paved the way for former youth internationals such as Jones who have not played in official senior team games to switch allegiances after their 21st birthday.

The ruling is expected to affect a number of players throughout the world, however the apparent capture of Jones by the red, white & blue represents a major coup as he is currently the starting defensive midfielder for perennial Bundesliga powerhouse Schalke 04 and had been thrice capped by the German national team in a trio of 2008 friendly matches.

This also comes as welcome news to a US team which has suffered the loss of several high-profile dual-nationality prospects in recent years, with Edgar Castillo turning out for hated rival Mexico, Neven Subotic representing Serbia and Giuseppe Rossi a probable starter for Italy in Monday's Confederations Cup showdown.
Tuesday June 16, 2009 6:34 pm
Ben, it would be great if we could play with twelve.
Stat Checker
Tuesday June 16, 2009 11:28 am
Den, have you looked at the UEFA standings? Serbia leads their group by EIGHT points over second place France. They are going to the World Cup. With an American starting at center back.
Tuesday June 16, 2009 11:22 am
This is certainly not a BAD thing, but this is not salvation either. With the 2006 fiasco, Rossi, Subotic and Castillo turning us down, not being able to score a single goal (much less win) in any of the three Power tour games (England, Spain, Argnetina all in a row) and the abysmal away games in the CONCACAF qualifiers, at the very least Jermaine Jones is a momentum builder. Something has finally gone right.

On another note, I can understand Rossi wanting to play for the best team, I mean, he has a better chance of lifting silverware in South Africa with the Azzuri than the Yanks. But Subotic and Castillio? You're dreaming if you think Serbia can even qualify and Mexico is quickly becoming a train wreck. The USA would be a step up for Neven or Edgar. Take advantage of the new rule ans come back home! Especially you, Neven. Here's My dream USA Starting 11

G-Tim Howard
D Carlos Bocanegra
D Neven Subotic
D Edgar Castillo
D Steve Cherundolo
M DaMarcus Beasley
M Jermaine Jones
M Michael Bradley
M Clint Dempsey
F Jozy Altidore
F Guisseppe Rossi
F Landon Donovan

-Freddy Adu
-Maurice Edu
-Sascha Klejstan
-Brad Guzan
-Brian Ching
-Heath Pearce
-Bobby Convey
-Brian McBride
-Danny Szetella
-Benny Feilhaber

This is a team to not be underestimated!

I Know it's his decision and I respect it, but Brian McBride is a player who (at least at Fulham) seems to get better with age. He could suit up for the red, white and blue and be relevant in a heart beat. Oh well, we miss you!
Monday June 15, 2009 7:30 pm
Bradley and US soccer are way too conservative right now. Or maybe it is just Bradley...

I would rather lose and have the world's respect than lose and look like a bunch of scardey cats. and that is what we did today, and have been doing for a long time.

we play as if we have no skill.

sure Holland has not won the big one but they sure are a treat to watch...

and so was our U20 team. and darn good too.

so why is Thomas Rongen never mentioned?

i am tired of ugly soccer. i am tired of "our idea" of soccer.

that we have defensive players and offensive players etc...

the Brazilians have the 11 best players they can find. the less skilled just play in the back... do they even have a goalie?

we are the united states of america. you would think with all the different cultures we have here that we would have this fantastic hybrid style of play... instead we have great players leaving getting better in italy and then turning around and scoring goals on their former countrymen....

honestly 3 goals by americans and yet the usmt still loses 3-1.

Donovan needs help!!!! he has skill, class, and played with a ton of heart.

frankly we need more selfishness from our front line players... we over pass like no other country in the world.

we have chances and then pass them away.

no one holds the ball long enough... to open up play.

and shoot.

umm italy shot and scored.

adu should be starting on the wing.

and Bradley is truly great and needs to be an attacking midfielder.

and altidore is lazy.

so i will take my eleven vs yours...

Wynne (holy cow he is fast)
Sunday June 14, 2009 9:26 pm
It is now time to get Klinnsman...please....enough of this college stuff.

Where is Kenny Cooper?
Sunday June 14, 2009 11:10 am
Brandon --- bradley isn't a defensive midfielder! his role for club is typically attacking midfield. he scored his 20 goals for herenveen from that position.. he needs to be given the freedom to attack with jones doing the business and covering the back four.
Saturday June 13, 2009 7:40 pm
Those who asked where would Jones fit in, well it's more the question who would be his backup. Jones would be an instant starter and force the US needs. I'm just afraid Bradley won't abandon his hand-picked players and miss-out on the opportunity to get eligible players to bring in.
C. B.
Saturday June 13, 2009 9:08 am
Where would he fit in?

This USMNT team has looked terrible lately. Jones is a major step up over any of the defensive mids we have right now. He can help control the game which is exactly what our problem has been.
Saturday June 13, 2009 1:11 am
Awesome. Now let's get to work on stealing Castillo.
Friday June 12, 2009 10:57 pm
Y'all are crazy if you think that Bob Bradley is going to dump the bucket formation. He has shown that he does not change his mind unless he has no other option. Remember Adu and Davies against Costa Rica? We were down 3-0. Remember Feilhaber getting subbed in? Mastroeni had to Stink up the place in every way for that switch. And Bradley just doesn't see what most fans do in Torres. Can't defend and attack? It must be the fault of that guy who can pass.

Having an international veteran next to his son ensures that Feilhaber and Adu, much less Torres, will never see a starting spot until his position is pried from his cold fired hands.

I would love to be proven wrong, but Bob will never change. If we score once in the Confed Cup, my expecations will be met.
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