Monday, June 29, 2009
The number of frustrating losses in finals in starting to build up for U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard after losing to Brazil on Sunday in the Confederations Cup final.

The Everton man was also on the wrong end versus Chelsea in last month's FA Cup final when another comeback did in the Toffees at Wembley Stadium.

After Sunday's defeat to Brazil, an air of regret was clearly noticeable in the voice of the American net minder.

"Anytime you are in a final it is a privilege but the best players are judged by the numbers of medals and cups they win," Howard told YA following the final.

The former Manchester United goalkeeper kept the five time World Cup champions at bay the entire first half with spectacular saves on shots by Robinho, Felipe Melo and Maicon.

But the Brazilian attack spearheaded by Luis Fabiano in the second half was too much to overcome leaving Howard and his teammates lamenting what could have been.

"Without question, if we could have held on to win, then I definitely think it would have been the biggest achievement in the history of U.S. Soccer," continued the New Jersey native.

The loss to the Copa America champions comes just four weeks after Howard and Everton's disappointment against Chelsea.

However the increasing number of defeats in finals for the veteran 'keeper only serves a reminder that one day his turn to stand on the podium to receive a precious piece of hardware will come in due time.

"It is frustrating to be a double-finalist but the way I see it, the more finals I get to, the better chance I have to win medals and I think one day I'll get that cup or medal," he concluded.

Howard, who won the Confederation Cup's Golden Glove Award for the tournament's most outstanding goalkeeper, will return to England to begin his fourth season with the Toffees when Premiership action begins in August.
Monday June 29, 2009 6:47 pm
Why doesn't the US put a defender on each post for corner kicks, like most teams do? If we had someone at the far post for Brazil's third goal, we'd have been looking at OT instead of a loss. I'm a Bob Bradley fan but I think he screwed up not having anyone in position exactly where the ball went in.
Monday June 29, 2009 5:42 pm
Tim Howard had a great tournament. I did feel he should've been more aggressive going after crosses in the early rounds of the tournament (the first goal in Brazil 1.0 was off a cross that was headed at the 6 but Howard stayed planted and Brazil was 1-0 early). Even so, he was easily worth 1-2 goals per game.

I wish Brad "El Guzano" would get some more games. Not sure why Coach Bradley wouldn't put him on the Gold Cup Roster. He doesn't get many games with Aston Villa, so he shouldn't need a rest. The #2 ought to have gotten a run in the Gold Cup to stay sharp.

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