Wednesday, July 15, 2009
After spending two years playing in Spain and Italy, Danny Szetela is on his way back to the United States to play in MLS for DC United.

The midfielder had spent the previous season and a half on loan to Italian Serie B club Brescia from Spanish Primera Division club Racing Santander, but was never offered a permanent contract by the Italian club.

The New Jersey native says that he will now return to play in the nation's capital after officially being acquired by the four-time MLS Cup winners on Wednesday.

"I am coming back to play in MLS," Szetela confirmed to YA.

Szetela started his professional career in MLS with the Columbus Crew before signing with Racing following his breakout performance at the 2007 FIFA U-20 World Cup where he scored three goals.

After a half season in Cantabria, the Polish passport carrying player was loaned to Brescia where he appeared in 26 matches with the Rondinelle and scored one goal.

Szetela admits that he enjoyed his time at the northern Italian club but more important reasons factored into his decision to come back stateside.

"I liked it there at Brescia, but for family reasons I needed to come back closer to home. I hope after a couple years I'll be able to return to Europe to play again", Szetela noted.

Brescia advanced to the Serie B promotion playoff finals before losing the return leg to Livorno, thus missing out on a spot in Serie A this fall.

Szetela spent his final weeks at the club sitting on the bench and did not factor in any matches during the stretch run which also saw the curious firing of head coach Nedo Sonetti who was replaced by Alberto Cavasin with two games left in the season.

The former U-20 star admits that the upheaval and drama at the club this spring did also play a minor role in his decision.

"The coaching change at the end of the season factored into my decision somewhat, but mainly I just needed to get back and be close to my family," he summed up.

Szetela will not be available for DC United's upcoming match versus the Colorado Rapids on Saturday night, however the capital city club is optimistic that the necessary paperwork to permit the Garden State resident to play will be processed very soon.

"They're [coaches] hoping early next week for the receipt of the International Transfer Certificate," said DC United Director of Press and Media Relations Kyle Sheldon to YA.

In his previous stint in MLS, Szetela made only 34 appearances over the course of four injury plagued seasons.
Wednesday July 15, 2009 11:32 pm
the gold standard of the MLS just got a lot stronger. one for the thumb baby.
Wednesday July 15, 2009 11:27 pm
now, if we could only persuade some other young upstarts to come back across the pond to play for PHILLY next season...
Wednesday July 15, 2009 8:03 pm
In my experience and observations, there is a persistent bias in the rest of the world against American players. Every mistake is amplified and remembered and every success is discounted and sometimes forgotten. if there are players of roughly equivalent caliber, and maybe even slightly inferior, who are not American, they will get the nod over the American. Maybe I'm paranoid and over-sensitive, but that's how I read it. It won't change until American soccer asserts itself with authority and consistency outside of the CONCACAF pond.
Wednesday July 15, 2009 7:38 pm
I don't know why Schellas Hyndman passed on Szetela. There isn't much doubt in my mind that he would be able to contribute in Dallas. My first thought is that Schellas is just incompetent. The standings and curious player decisions seem to support that view. Then I wondered about Heath Pearce. Is he negotiating with MLS? Dallas could really use a leftback, so maybe Pearce would be more of a priority than Szetela. I think Szetela tried to go to Spain too quickly. Just because you get an offer doesn't mean that you are ready for it. He'll work out just fine ... DC United is much better organization than FC Dallas, particularly with Schellas around.
Wednesday July 15, 2009 7:18 pm
Absolutely right dude, and it has been confirmed he is with DC United now. I also don't know how he wussed out, he played didn't get a full offer from Brescia and Santander apparently didn't have further aims for him so he comes to a team where he will get minutes and grow. It makes sense to play and not sit on the bench. Don't bag on the move simply because it is MLS, the league isn't that bad and due to rules he can't be far down the depth chart because there aren't that many roster spots. Wise move by Szetela to come back and get regular PT for a while then maybe try his luck again.
Wednesday July 15, 2009 5:39 pm
Buck up, Ed C. Right now, it seems that neither Szetela nor Zizzo can break into a major european club right now; it is only practical that they should return to MLS. Would you rather they drift into nothing, years out of form and wondering what went wrong?

They are both quite talented, and could really use faith and minutes right now. This would get them back in the national team picture, if their play deserves it, and are only 22, so they can return to Europe soon, wiser and better than ever.

Plus, if the US has a good world cup, their intrinsic value will be easier to sell on the world market.

But I'm biased, since I REALLY would like Szetela to understudy Ben Olsen. DC!!!
Ed C.
Wednesday July 15, 2009 5:17 pm
so young and he wussed out to return to MLS already with his tail between his legs. How sad for him and American soccer.
Wednesday July 15, 2009 4:16 pm
FC Dallas is first in the pecking order for Szetela's rights in MLS with DC United right behind. I don't see him fitting in the FCD system as it is so maybe Hyndman will decide to trade the rights to DC and he can go play for the team he wants. It would also be good for DC as they would be able to keep Rodney Wallace out wide even when Ben Olsen is out.

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