RICH FIDLER - Wednesday, November 18, 2009
The United States ended their 2009 slate with a resounding dud, being blitzed in a poor second half start at NRGi Park in Aarhus, Denmark

Head coach Bob Bradley made few changes from the team that lost to Slovakia over the weekend. Frankie Hejduk and Stuart Holden got the nod on along the right side of the field, while striker Jeff Cunningham joined Jozy Altidore up top.

The only other change saw Ricardo Clark team up with Bradley's son Michael in the midfield.

FC Dallas striker Cunningham scored the game's - and his first international goal - in the 26th minute when he pounced on a poor clearance by Stoke City goalkeeper Thomas Sørensen. The striker snuck his left-footed blast just inside the near post

Bradley would make no substitutions at the half while Johan Absalonsen, who came on at the half for Danish head coach Morten Olsen, leveled the match just 65 seconds in to the second half.

The striker latched on to a long ball from Simon Kjaer, beating Hejduk in the process, to finish coolly past US goalkeeper Brad Guzan.

Five minutes later it was Soren Rieks who put the home team ahead for good after woeful defending by the two US wingbacks. The Esbjerg midfielder found an easy finish after Absalonsen intercepted a turnover from Jonathan Spector and found the Dane who lost his marker Jonathan Bornstein to give them the 2-1 lead.

Brøndby striker Martin Bernburg grabbed one for himself in the 54th minute past a sprawling Guzan. It was the 23-year old's first goal after four appearances for the Danes after the counterattack was sprung from yet another American turnover in midfield.

During the rest of the otherwise forgettable second half, Bob Bradley brought on Edgar Castillo late, handing the former Mexico international a much-anticipated debut after having his switch of allegiance approved by FIFA two months ago.

The Americans don't have another opponent on the scheduled for 2010, but will learn their World Cup fate on December 4th when the 2010 South Africa draw takes place in Johannesburg.
Tuesday November 24, 2009 6:13 pm
I thought Altidore looked fat and lazy, which I was trying to figure, too, as he's in the middle of the season with Hull. I was a huge fan, ever since he played Brazil in the under-whatsits a couple of years ago. But he looked as if he were playing at Azteca in August after being off all summer. What gives? And Spector was playing CB, which is terrible for him, given he is fast and crosses pretty well but misses his mark and is inconsistent.
Chris DK
Saturday November 21, 2009 4:28 pm
@Mike - Europeans will never really take US Football team seriously until they stop calling it soccer over there. (Not to spark the good old American Football use thier feet as much as Hands are used in Real Football Discussion)

All in all, i was happy to see US go infront in the first half because that forced the danish players to show something, and show something they did, reminded me a little of our win in portugal for the WC qualifers, turning a game that quickly is a nice touch and specially by 3 very new players. Our national coach got lots of luxury problems after these last 2 friendlies and will hopefully see more when the team goes to Asia in january.

@ Chris (hi5 for name!)

Its very much the other way around, those americans love our danish girls. And them american girls love us :D (atleast in Atlanta)
Friday November 20, 2009 6:53 pm
Some of you seen to have a lot of faith in your team, which of course is very good.
In reality, we Europeans see the US soccer/football team as an amusing feature to the WC.
Maybe you are still influenced by the British..? Because they too seem to think they can take it all the way in the WC.. :)

No seriously, you need to get more money into MLS to get the young talents to choose soccer over football/basketball/baseball and you will get somewhere within 10-15 years. Otherwise, I doubt you will take it far and the only reason you are in the WC is due to a VERY easy qualification group.
Friday November 20, 2009 9:34 am
Terrible game, terrible coaching continues. Everyone is right by thinking of Hiddink, I would take him any day and if we are going to have a chance in the WC, we need someone with his talents at the helm.

Bornstein is terrible. I don't care if it is the A team, B team, or C team, Bornstein should not be on the field again until after the world cup. He is a liability on defense, and consistently lets his team and his country down with poor fouls, and a leaky defense. Spector should have a steady run at right back, or even at left back for him to get comfortable prior to the South Africa. Castillo needs a chance now at left back, that is where he can add the most value....

Altidore does need to work harder, and prioritize his improvement. He is physically imposing but is lazy and does not look like he works hard off the pitch. He did not look in game shape, which is amazing considering he is in the middle of his club season.

The only way we will have a chance in 2010 is with a new coach that is tactically strong, and able to motivate our team. Bradley is emotionless, and has contributed but reached his peak. There was a lot of luck to the Confederations Cup run, it would've been nice if they realized the group rounds of that tournament were not a fluke but a true testament of his ability leading the team.
Friday November 20, 2009 1:38 am
Not Bradley's fault..........he's fine, one can turn this team into a top 10 team.......but Bradley has had waaaay more success than any other coach....give him a break.....

altidore does sleep through chunks of the game...not very versatile yet.

the U.S. pool of players ain't great guys........there aren't a lot of dudes readly to play Int'l soccer....thats why Heydude get's PT still......and he's not least he moves forward with speed.
Thursday November 19, 2009 10:32 pm
Well, that was humbling.

There was a distinct lack of focus in the second half, that shows a decent level of professionalism is lacking in the squad.

Perhaps they partied to much the previous night, those Danish girls love Americans!

I'm sure BB knows what went wrong, hopefully he can fix it.
Bret G
Thursday November 19, 2009 10:05 pm
Beagle its not the fact were missing the "first team" guys it's the fact Bradley has no idea who to use in depth positions much less anywhere else during a match. His starting 11 is always garbage and relying on the same old guys time and time again is the main problem with US soccer... there is no competition!!! It's just rotate the guys in your most familiar with and tow the company line!!!

Marcus Tracy was at the game and I would have called him out of the crowd to sub in for Jozy at like the 25 min... the kid obviously had no interest in the game.

Love the Guus Hiddink idea btw.... I wonder if we could start an online petition to send to the USSF that would be awesome!
the beagle
Thursday November 19, 2009 7:27 pm
In Bradley's defense, he's dealing with completely different Team USA than the one that made the Confed Cup final. Everything fell into place when Charlie Davies was up-front and the backline had Gooch and DeMerit healthy. Without those key players (especially without Davies), Bradley is understandably scrambling for answers. DeMerit may be back in time for the WC, but Gooch might not be, and Davies, of course, is out. For once, Bradley can't be at fault.
Thursday November 19, 2009 6:33 pm
Clearly any game without Donovan is going to be a tough one, add to that Torres's absence, excused or not... but this insistence on playing twin destroyers at midfield and not having anyone TO pass the ball to has got to stop... it just doesn't work.

If GUUS HIDDINK was indeed available, now that the Russians failed at the very last hurdle, I'd say it's a complete no brainer... if one of if not the best Teacher/Tacticians on the planet can be hired, if only though the end of the World Cup, we'd be fools not to do it... I'd pitch the idea to the USSF/US Soccer people this way, you and your sponsors want to bring back the FIFA World Cup Finals to the United States? Well by hiring this man you would show that you truly are commited to improving your National Team program... and that might very well help you convince the folks at FIFA that you're not just a bunch of clowns over there in Chicago, but are serious businessmen out to get something done.
Hey give Bradley some award and send him on a year long paided friendship tour of outter mongolia... but if you can get GUUS HIDDINK, we have a much greater chance of getting to the quarter finals, which is honestly where we now should be getting.
Thursday November 19, 2009 5:59 pm
Fitsy off Phil the USNT was without many of it's A team too so your last statement was rediculous.

Having said that, those playing had a chance to secure spot for SA 2010. Those jumping on Spector, he didn't have a great game, no one did, but he was out of position. He played great in Slovakia. He should be the starting right back. Bornstein I think is better than Pearce but not as consistant. But Castillo should be there. Those disappointant Castillo went into mid-field don't be. Bradley wasn't going to put him under pressure his first time in.

Basically a lot of people, Eddie Johnson, Conrad, Hejduk and others missed their chance to be that "man off the bench." Cunningham, I'd give a second look at, he worked hard. There is still Jermaine Jones who I look forward to seeing.

Our biggest problem however is Bob Bradley. I try to give him lots of slack but with only one more free international date before the WC he is missing many people, such as Tracey plays right there inn Denmark.

January camp should be interesting.
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