BRENT LATHAM - Wednesday, December 30, 2009
Freddy Adu's abrupt dismissal from Portuguese team Belenenses has come as surprise to more than just his fans, as an official at his permanent club, Benfica, told YA.

"Adu has a loan contract with Belenenses until June 2010," a team representative who insisted on remaining anonymous told YA after hearing the news that the much-travelled forward was headed back to the Lisbon team after an unsuccesful spell in Belem.

Benfica would seem to have no room for the wayward Maryland native, who spent a frustrating year on loan at AS Monaco in France before the latest spell at Belenenses.

Adu played only 81 minutes in the fall term after what looked like a promising situation quickly went awry.

Newly appointed head coach Toni sent Adu, and Brazilian younster Igor, on loan from Spanish Liga team Sevilla, packing as he planned changes headed into the second half of the season.

Benfica's ambivalence over the return of the former DC United and Real Salt Lake prodigy suggest another move may be in the cards in January. Adu has fallen completely out of the picture for the US World Cup team, and would need a near miraculous resurgence to make the plane to South Africa.
Friday January 8, 2010 7:19 pm
Tony im so sorry, i have to agree with dan on this one, you dont know a thing about soccer in portugal, ive watched benfica and liga sages, galp liga, superliga, ive watched all portuguese soccer for the last 10- 15 years of my life, and there arent 500 supporters at games idiot, guimaraes and 10th place team get 20k + so be quiet of what ur talking about, and adu just didnt have what it takes to play in the liga sagres, its one of the hardest leagues in europe statistically wise and they way they play, on the ground all the time nad they play hard, and adu just wasent up to the task, i watched every benfica game he played and he looked so lost on the field, euro footy is just to much for him to handle, he should go to a team ilke hull city or leeds cause he can excel in those smaller leauge and tony, belenense 2 years ago lost to madrid full or starters only 1-0, im sure belenense could handle a team like newcastle or sunderland, cause if a team like nacional can tie and almost beat werder bremen, i
Henry Hilger
Wednesday January 6, 2010 8:17 am
Adu would make an excellent Player in a high ranked amateur league somewhere in Europe, but as a professional he does not have the character or the personality to fit in. If you know anything about soccer take a good look at him during a game and you will notice that he looks like he is lost. Get back to the States Adu, and continue playing that type of low level soccer no one is interested in.
Wednesday January 6, 2010 6:55 am
Hey Dan, let me tell you something, Portugal was the worsest place for Adu at 19 or 20 to develop as aplayer, it's a country that in most 1st division games have only 500 fans in the stands, if not for porto,sporting,benfica, that first divison has absolutly nothing period. This belenenses team wouldnt even make it in the championship league in england, what was adu doing there? and then with the team in last place with nothing to loose and everything to gain, they don't even give this kid a chance? lol, they are a bunch of clowns, like i said fire the players that put the team in the last place , not adu, that didnt even play or had a chance. Adu will make it but he will need to go with a country that has a better league than that, and a country that develops american players, like england, scotland, American soccer is growing tremendously but not thanks to any of these small countries in europe, it's growing thanks to USA's Motherland .......... BUT away from england US players will have no chance given to them by any other country. Back to Portugal like i said before look at the 2002 WC they were whipcream at our feet, and this adu goes to the worst team in their league? FIRE ADU'S MANAGER.
Marco Blue
Monday January 4, 2010 3:27 pm
A friend told me that Hull City are now looking at Adu? Personally, I think Freddy is talented and maybe not as talented as he thinks he is, but if he works hard I think he can find his way back to the WC squad?? MAYBE..

Bradley certainly needs some creative midfield play. Freddy is a bit of defensive liability, but has vision, doesn't usually finish well, but sets up other players beautifully by attracting defenders.

I think a lower level English side or other Euro side might do him well. Somewhere where he can work hard, compete and gain some playing time. Playing TIME being the key phrase here. I don't understand why he couldn't get a game for a last place Portuguese side? Are all the players in Portugal so skilled? I think not.., but maybe he just didn't shine or stand out above the rest? Maybe someday we'll learn the true story.
Monday January 4, 2010 1:13 pm
I wish I never have to say this ever again, but comeback to MLS, Freddy!! It would just be for half a season so you can make the WC squad and use the WC to find a club that will have faith in you not just see a big transfer fee.
Monday January 4, 2010 7:59 am
Adu is a never was. How many players with his hype and his age are producing right now? Adu simply was a never was, a hype machine. I think its time to move on.
paddy mac
Saturday January 2, 2010 6:09 pm
everyone loves to bash Adu. Was he overhyped? sure. Nevertheless, he is still a quality player with attacking creativity most on the US lack. He would have to pull out a miracle to make this W.C. squad, but don't write him off in the future. I thought he played fantastic in the U20 W.C. so too in Olympics and Olympic qualifying.

Anyways, it seems like there are two types of bandwagon mentalities as far as Freddy Adu is concerened. There are the casual fan bandwagons who bought into all the hype, but just as bad, are the people who jump on the bandwagon to slag him off because they think doing so qualifies them as a "hardcore" US soccer follower. It seems to me, the informed US soccer fan ought to be lukewarm about Adu and not swing to either extreme.

Myself, I'm disapointed that Freddy can't get playing time in Europe, and no, I don't think he should make the W.C. squad at this point, even still, I'm hopeful he can get back on track as he is still young enough to be an integral part of MNT's. The distinction being: he is not THE FUTURE (that was all B.S. from the start) but hopefully he plays to his potential and is an important contributor to US soccer's future endeavors.
Saturday January 2, 2010 4:41 pm
hey Tony,
you think Portugal has a second tier league???? lets look at the MLS shall we?? the most ignorantly run league in the world which only NOW has decided to accommodate its schedule to reflect FIFA international dates. A league that has the most incompetent referees of any FIFA nation, plays its games in stadiums and on fields that are for football and baseball and then pays an over rated and under-skilled Beckham to come over and sell some shirts. Learn a little about the sport and you will realize that Portugal, a country of only 10 million people has, not only the biggest club in the world in SL Benfica which has more registered supporters than any other club in the world (check the Guinness record book), but also teams that have won champions league and UEFA cups for years! Our country has also produced some of the most skilled players to ever play the sport.
Adu could barely compete in MLS he was lucky anyone gave him a shot in Europe
Saturday January 2, 2010 1:42 pm
In Portugal there are thousands of Adus in the minor leagues
Saturday January 2, 2010 9:13 am
Adu has talent but right now Benfica is just too strong. I agree Beleneses did not give him or the other Benfica loaned player Felipe Bastos a chance and look now they are in last place and will struggle to get out of the regulation zone. I think Adu should come back to the MLS to make his name strong again. I hope he comes to Toronto FC where he would have great a great opportunity to play regularly. Good luck Adu I wish u all the best!

Forca Benfica!
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