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Tuesday, January 5, 2010
Greek club Aris Thessaloniki is looking to add its second American in a week as the club has extended an offer to Freddy Adu.

The current Benfica man had been loaned out to fellow Portuguese club Belenenses for the first part of this season, a move which turned out to be disappointing for the Maryland native. The failed spell at Belenenses also came on the heels of a season-long loan last year to French club AS Monaco where Adu saw very little playing time.

Last month Belenenses announced that they would be returning the former US Under-20 star to Benfica despite the fact that the two clubs had signed a contract through June 30, 2010.

However Aris has stepped in as a potential suitor and says that a deal is on the table for the well known 20-year old.

"The offer is true," confirmed Aris Press Officer Chrisanthos Tsaltidis to YA who explained that no other details could be made public at this time.

This week rumors from Adu himself via his Twitter account signaled that a move to Greece could be in the works, but Adu was still hesitant to divulge any additional details.

"No comment," Adu told YA regarding the potential move to Aris.

Should all parties sign off, Adu will join fellow yank Eddie Johnson in Thessaloniki for the Greek Super League club who currently sit sixth in the league standings.

Johnson was acquired in a loan from English Premiership club Fulham last week.
GT Banna
Friday January 8, 2010 1:08 am
MIKE-your comments are that of a Naive Couch Potato Fan

1) Playing in, and doing well in the Greek League is More Valuable than MLS play

2) Ask people who have actually played the game..(go read Kasey Kelller's comments "Establish yourself in a league in Europe..ANY LEAGUE, if u do well enough, they will find you

3) Assuming the Hull interest was real, by what Logic do u think a guy WHO COULDNT GET OFF THE BENCH FOR THE LAST PLACE TEAM IN PORTUGAL, OR FOR MONACO...CAN WALK INTO A PREMEIRSHIP TEAM AND BE "guaranteed to play most matches" lmao

4) What crazy, ridiculous drug are u smoking that leads u to believe that A TEAM STRUGGLING TO AVOID RELEGATION WOULD EVER BY A PLAYER IN JANUARY TO "be "given a loan deal to a Championship Club"

Sorry bro, even my 16 yr old High School son has better and more informed opinions than you on World Football
Wednesday January 6, 2010 7:28 am
Why is Adu still trying to make it in football?? He should just do everyone a favor and quit the game all together. He is over rated and just should not be in the game at all. Leave the game to those who can handle it like Dempsey, Howard, and even Donovan, yes even Donovan.
Wednesday January 6, 2010 4:10 am
The Hull City thing was twitter joking between Jozy and Freddy that a bunch of gullible reporters like that fool Ives Galarcep got duped into reporting. There is zero way that Freddy could get a permit to play in the UK anyway.
Wednesday January 6, 2010 3:06 am
If he joins them it'll be the biggest mistake of his career. If he's not going to try and play in the bigger leagues in Europe then there's really no point being here when any MLS team would welcome him back like a wounded hero. I'd probably rate a top MLS as better than Aris Thessaloniki due to its developmental quality and the potential of loan moves outside of the irregular MLS seasons.

It has been said that he's also received an offer from Hull City. This would be by far the best move for his career as it is in one of the best leagues in the world in a team where he'll be either guaranteed to play most matches or to be given a loan deal within the Championship to a cash-stricken club and be able to play another 20+ games. Freddy Adu would be an absolute chump to choose Aris over Hull and I can guarantee that if he chooses to spend the remainder of his youth in Greece trying to chase the European snob dream then it's the last he'll play for the US national team.

Just look at the league, the facilities and the established Americans already playing in the Premier League. Freddy Adu would have to be stupid to turn down Hull for Aris.

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