Should U.S. Soccer bring back the U.S. Cup?
Absolutely. It would be far more competitive than the CONCACAF Nations League.
No. The international calendar is already congested.
Not sure.
CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON - Friday, January 8, 2010
Newcomers Eddie Johnson and Freddy Adu will sit out Sunday's Thessaloniki derby with a few steps still needed before fully joining Greek Super League side Aris F.C.

The 25-year-old Johnson signed last weekend and was presented to the media on Thursday, according to sources at the club. The Fulham loanee must wait for the departure of Uruguayan journeyman Sebastian Abreu for Botafogo, in accordance with a Greek law limiting the number of foreign players on a squad at one time.

"He might be ready in time for the Cup game on Wednesday," press officer Chrisanthos Tsaltidis confirmed to YA. Following the administrative departure that occurs only on Mondays, Aris resumes their pursuit of the club's second Hellenic Cup with a midweek home match Asteras Tripolis.

Freddy Adu has arrived in Greece's second largest city after securing a loan from Benfica earlier this week and must pass the same administrative hurdle. Following Thursday's arrival in Greece's second largest city, the U.S. national team hopeful was expected officially sign on the dotted line, according to the club.

With the departure of Argentine midfielder Leandro Gracian, the 20 year-old should also be able to suit up in gold and black by next week.

Named after the mythological God of War, Aris F.C. face a symbolic Sunday derby against cross-town rivals Iraklis, ironically representing Ares' nemesis Hercules.

The Americans arrive at a high point in the season for the Greek club following a 3-0 win last Tuesday over Athenian outfit Atromitos that propelled them into the fourth spot of the 16-team standings. With just over a dozen games left, the duo hope to keep Aris in pursuit of Super League leaders Panathinaikos and in contention for Champions League action next season with at least a fifth-spot finish.
PAOK 4ever
Tuesday January 12, 2010 12:15 pm
Dustin, like all the other soccer snobs, you don't give MLS enough credit. I have been to matches in Greece. Outside of the top 3-4 teams the standard of play in MLS is better, far better. The atmosphere you speak of is only apparent for big games. Aris-Iraklis is a derby match (though not the biggest in Thessaloniki, that would be PAOK-Aris). Watch Aris vs Atromitos or Giannina and the crowd will remind you of a USL-2 match. Not to mention the playing surface is poorly kept in most of the stadia. Going to a lesser league may work for some, but you can't tell me that when those players come to National Team camps their performance is far superior to those in MLS.
Monday January 11, 2010 5:50 pm
I watched the whole Aris game over the weekend and I have to say I don't these guys are going to find it any easier to get playing time. Aris has a couple of guys up top - Campora starting and Ian Daly off the bench - who might not be scoring but are legit players. Freddy might actually have an easier time breaking in. Honestly, I am really afraid that they have been brought in to simply light a fire under the starters. I hope I am wrong. And for anyone who thinks that these guys should come back to MLS, you are on crack, the standard of play in Greece is far superior than the MLS. If they can prove themselves and get playing time it would be a far greater achievement than starting on says Red Bulls or something. Plus, the crowds are and atmosphere is just crazy, esp at Aris, with flares and streamers and all that...

Please do well boys.
PAOK 4ever
Saturday January 9, 2010 11:48 pm
A few years ago the Greek Super League changed its format for determining its Champions League participants. 1st place is in the Champions League, 2nd through 5th go into a playoff for the 2nd qualifying spot for the Champions League. The losers of the playoff qualify for Europa. In the playoff the 2nd through 5th teams play a round robin group format. The teams are given points based on their final place in the standings. The 2nd place team begins with 3 points, the 3rd place team with 2 points, the 4th place team with 1 point, and the 5th team with none.
Friday January 8, 2010 1:49 pm
1st place is in the Champions League, 2nd place is in the qualifying for the Champions League, and 3rd-5th place is in the Europa League.
GT Banna
Friday January 8, 2010 9:39 am
Hahah...Did u say If they Finish in 'at least 5th spot' in the Greek League, they are 'in contention for the Champions League'??

Which Champs League is this? The Medditerraean CL? Not the UEFA one with Barca, Chelsea, Milan etc right? hahahahah

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