ANDREW VORCE - Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Former Wake University product Cody Arnoux says that he cannot help but feel pleased after his first season with Everton's reserve team.

Arnoux was the last of the Yanks to make the trip across the pond in the summer transfer window, joining friend and now roommate, Anton Peterlin at the Premiership club.

Both Americans were brought in with a vision of the future by signing reserve contracts and were given many chances during the year.

"It has been a tremendous season so far," Arnoux told Yanks Abroad. "Although we haven't been involved in the first team too much, we do interact with the first team a lot and learning from them in the type of professional environment will be vital to my future."

One of those interactions came with Everton's winter romance with Landon Donovan, who went on a 10 week loan from LA Galaxy to the Liverpool club. Donovan was hugely successful in his time, and even had an impact on Arnoux.

"I definitely got the chance to talk to Landon while he was here and I think he's a great guy and a great player," Arnoux reflected. "He made such a large impact here and I know for a fact that many fans and players wish he could have joined us permanently.

"After he left, I had Everton fans messaging me asking me to try to get him to stay," Arnoux laughed. "It was pretty comical. It goes to show that US players can make a difference in Europe and Landon is a prime example.

"I wish him luck this season and in the World Cup."

Arnoux had a tough run in the middle of the season after exploding onto the scene when he scored in his debut for the club. He was then forced onto the sidelines with a hamstring injury, but recovered in time to make a trip with Peterlin to trial at Scottish club Motherwell.

"I felt really good with the performance," he said. "I was pretty sharp throughout the entire [trial] game, but in the second half I started to feel that six week layoff because of my injury I knew my fitness was suffering because I was tired.

"I did a good job of getting myself in good positions and held the ball up really well, the [coach] said he was pleased with me which was good to hear. I drew a penalty in the first half that we ended up scoring off of, and in the second half I had the assist on the second goal.

"Overall I was happy with my performance and glad the [coach] was there to see it."

With the end of the season fast approaching, Arnoux realizes that opportunities with other clubs are in play after only signing a one year contract with the Toffees.

With a successful reserve season and an equaly successful trial at Motherwell under his belt, the striker weighed up his options.

"Being that I only signed a year contract I'd love to achieve a longer deal from Everton but the team is so deep that I think I would be better off playing at a lower league club where I can make an impact," he concluded.

Arnoux's season has taken one last turn, as the striker has returned to Wake Forest after a recurrence of his hamstring injury to recover at his former University.

Another six week lay off awaits him while he recoups stateside, and the American will then be forced to assess his options before returning back to action.
Thursday April 15, 2010 10:14 am
I agree, what about Anton? He has one picture that has been everywhere and a sentence here and there. But what is he doing?
Wednesday April 14, 2010 7:56 pm
Hey YA! how about a feature on Peterlin. Being a SF native i want to see how the local boy is doing.

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