WOODY BAUM - Thursday, April 29, 2010
Francisco Torres and Pachuca clinch the Concacaf Champions League title with a last minute goal in the 93rd minute.

Pachuca 1 – 0 Cruz Azul

Pachuca scored a miracle goal in the 93rd minute against Cruz Azul on Wednesday to go ahead on aggregate and claim the Concacaf Champions League crown. Cruz Azul had won the first leg by a score of two to one in Mexico City last week. For Pachuca to win they would have to win by at least one goal and not allow more than one goal from Cruz Azul.

Francisco Torres was able to recover from the devastating tackle he received last week and was in the starting lineup. The game was back and forth from the beginning and Cruz Azul showed no intent to sit back and defend their lead as they created a clear chance at goal in the second minute when Javier Orozco stole the ball from Javier Muñoz Mustafá and shot from inside the area only to have the shot blocked by Miguel Calero.

Both teams took turns shooting and Torres managed a shot from a corner kick in the 22nd minute but the ball went wide of the goal.

The game would continue at a high pace, with Pachuca looking for the go-ahead goal and Cruz Azul looking for the goal that would essentially have put the game out of reach for Pachuca.

Torres had another shot at goal in the 56th minute but it was easily recovered by Jonathan Orozco. He was eventually subbed out in the 80th minute.

After the 80th minute it looked as the winning goal for Pachuca would never come as they continually threatened and dominated possession, but were unable to generate real chances.

In the 90th minute all looked lost for Pachuca when the referee awarded three minutes of injury time. However, in the 92nd minute, the Paraguayan, Edgar Benitez received the ball in the area, turned, shot and scored to deliver the win for the home squad.

With the win, Pachuca will go to the Club World Cup for the second time. It also marks the second opportunity Torres will have in the competition at young age of 22.

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