CHRISTOPHER ANDERSON - Saturday, October 2, 2010
The Black and Golds struggled to orchestrate any offense in a regional derby and coughed up an embarrassing second goal to add insult to injury.

American Josh Gatt saw his second consecutive start and full ninety for Altach, and nearly set up a scoring opportunity in the second half.

The hosts came out strong before 7,800 in Reichshofstadion, and dictated the pace of the first half largely thanks to Gerald Krajic. The Austrian striker nearly got on the board within five minutes after catching up with a fine feed from Sascha Boller from the right side. Krajic streamed ahead of the defense and struck from the top of the box, but just wide left of Martin Kobras's net.

He saw a second chance from in front of the net get snuffed out by Kobras. Bollar again set up the Austrian from the left side with a delivery into the box that fell to the unguarded Krajic for a try from 10 yards out, but Kobras was able to get a foot on the shot for the deflection.

Bollar continued his delivery service in the 33rd minute with a deep run into the right corner and an impressive pass in traffic for Felix Roth in the area. In spite of the swarming Altach defense, the German found the oncoming Krajic at the top of the box for a one-timer that didn't miss, giving the hosts the 1-0 advantage.

The second half didn't get any better for Altach with the hosts continuing to create opportunities. Off a corner Bollar airmailed a feed from the left side for Roth in the box, whose rising header missed the crossbar by inches.

The Altach offensive finally came to life at the hour mark thanks to Gatt's work on the left side. Driving into the area, the 19-year old faced off against Harald Dürr, shook him off with a darting move to the right, and found Tomi at the top of the box.

Roth brought down the Spaniard just inside the box, but referee Thomas Einwaller pointed for a free kick a foot outside of it. Harald Unverdorben stepped up for the ensuing chance, but struck the defensive wall.

Content with the one-goal win, Lustenau tried to kill time in injury time and ended up scoring an odd goal. Trapped in the corner, Krajic got off a pass to second-hal sub Manuel Honeck who wrestled his way with Altach's Daniel Schütz into the box causing both players to fall.

While still on his side, Honeck chipped the ball over the oncoming Kobras, which took a spinning bounce into the net for his first goal and the 2-0 decision.

Altach still maintain possession of second place with 26 points, and look to bounce back at home against First Vienna FC on Oct. 15.

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