Wednesday, October 6, 2010
Mexican club Murcielagos FC made headlines last week by announcing former US national team player Eric Wynalda as the new Director of International Development.

The naming of Wynalda to this position is a groundbreaking move. Never before has an American held such a high position of authority within a Mexican club.

Currently in Mexico's third level of professional soccer, known as the Segunda Division, Murcielagos says that Wynalda will be tasked with overseeing and furthering the careers of young players both in Mexico and the US.

"Eric is already on the job having started on September 27th," Murcielagos President Miguel Favela recently told YA. "He is working from California and his principal objective is to promote and grow the stream of players between the US and Mexico."

Since retiring, Wynalda has mainly worked in broadcasting where he was a lead analyst for ESPN during their coverage of the 2006 World Cup.

The Fullerton, California native continued working for ESPN until joining Fox Soccer Channel where he replaced Steve Cohen on Fox Football Fone-in in 2009, a show that was cancelled one year later.

The former Saarbrucken man also delved into coaching recently by serving as an assistant under US Under-20 coach Thomas Rongen.

Wynalda's new position at Murcielagos is his second foray into management and is one where Favela says Wynalda will contribute to Murcielagos' vision of developing players from its home state of Sinaloa and beyond.

"The project's aim here at Murcielagos will be to contribute positively to society through soccer especially in our home region of Sinaloa where so much great talent has been generated like Jared Borgetti, Omar Bravo, Maza Rodriguez, Alberto Medina and Hector Moreno, players whom have all played in Europe," noted Favela.

Murcielagos will resume league action this weekend when they face Delfines de los Cabos.
Wednesday October 6, 2010 7:13 pm
Good for you, Waldo! Congrats!

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