Thursday, November 4, 2010
Clarence Goodson says he is on top of the world after signing a contract with Danish giants Brøndby IF following three seasons in Norway with Eliteserien club IK Start.

Goodson agreed to terms with Brøndby on Wednesday in a deal that will keep him at the suburban Copenhagen club for the next three seasons.

After a year of rumors and constant speculation regarding his playing future, a relieved Goodson could not be more pleased with his new situation in Denmark.

"I'm absolutely delighted," Goodson beamed to YA. "This is a fantastic move for me. I'm going to be playing for the biggest club in Scandinavia… We still have a ways to go to catch FC Copenhagen in the standings but I am excited and it should be a wonderful experience."

Although he will be transitioning from a summer league to a normal European league schedule, Goodson will still be able to take some time off following Start's season finale this weekend since he will not be joining up with his new club until January.

The busy defender's 2010 included a full Eliteserien schedule, plus time with the US national team at the World Cup in South Africa.

Despite all that, Goodson admits that he is eager to settle in at his new club.

"It would be nice to go ahead and get started and situated and to get to know the guys," he noted. "It's actually almost the same schedule as in Norway with the long mid-winter break so it won't be too harsh."

In the last 12 months, multiple media outlets had reported that Goodson was headed for several different destinations including a supposed deal with a German club and also an agreement with another Danish club, all of which proved to be false.

But when Goodson learned that Brøndby had a serious interest in bringing him aboard, it aroused his interest significantly and he made sure to do his due diligence before signing.

"We had conversations with the club last month so we decided to take a trip to Copenhagen to see the club and the town," Goodson said of his recruitment. "I got to know the team and saw its facility which helped me make a better educated decision and fortunately we were able to work something out."

The former FC Dallas man will not soon forget the three years he spent in Kristiansand at Start where he, along with compatriot Hunter Freeman, helped form one of the more entertaining teams in all of Scandinavia with their aggressive attacking style from the back line.

Goodson is quick to point out that everyone at Start is wishing him well in his new venture and that his ex-teamates and coaches are all looking forward to seeing him play on one of Europe's biggest stages.

"Everyone's been so supportive [at Start] and happy for me," the Virginia native added. "They're happy to see me make a step up in my career that gives me an opportunity to improve and also to play in matches like the Europe League or Champions League and hopefully be successful."

As for the task at hand once he joins up with his new club in early 2011, the 28 year old says he is focused on working hard for his new team and earning a starting spot before helping Brøndby take aim at FC Copenhagen for top spot in the SuperLiga.

"I just want to come in and prove myself to my new teammates and coaches and hopefully earn a starting spot," concluded Goodson. "Right now Brøndby is in third place, but just two points behind second. Copenhagen is 14 points ahead of second so they are cruising right now. Everyone is going to have to do work to catch them but I think we'll be ready to fight to hopefully regain the status of being the top team in Denmark and all of Scandinavia."

Goodson will look to make his debut with Brøndby when they host Lyngby on March 5th.
Sunday November 7, 2010 7:33 am
im not sure how educated he is on Brøndby but no one besides the most dedicated Brøndby fans would describe them as the biggest club in scandinavia, im having a hard time even thinking about them as one of the biggest which im sure is what he ment to say. On the other hand its certainly a step up from Start but its straight into a financial and leadership mess, with the big power struggle going on in the Brøndby management, but hopefully by the time he is going to play for Brøndby it'll be fixed.

Its a risky move but hopefully it will turn out alright, Brøndby have been good at producing defensive talent so he will have to work very hard.
Friday November 5, 2010 5:28 pm
"Danish giants Brøndby IF" has a certain ring to it. Could they be the European cousin of the San Francisco Giants?

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