CLINT WADDELL - Thursday, January 6, 2011
Out of action for nearly a year, American midfielder Freddy Adu is on trial with German 2. Bundesliga club FC Ingolstadt.

Adu, 21, joined the squad on their winter training camp in Turkey on Wednesday and took part in the team's practice game against Kickers Offenbach on Thursday.

The former Benfica man was used as a second-half sub for Ingolstadt as the team beat Offenbach 1-0.

"Freddy had one training [session] and one half at the game against Offenbach so far," Ingolstadt press officer Oliver Samwald, told YA. "It will take a few more days to see if he can make it. He had a few good moments at that game and showed his skill and quickness."

"We have one more game on Saturday against Gaziantepspor of the Turkish top division," he added.

Ingolstadt has struggled so far this season in Germany's 2. Bundesliga, and entered the winter break next-to-last in the standings currently occupying one the league's two automatic relegation spots.

Their struggle to keep afloat in Germany's second tier has focused their search for additions to the team, which will undoubtedly be the crucial factor in any future Adu might have with the Bavarian club.

"We are searching for an offensive player with experience and scoring qualities, but I cannot give you any prognosis if Freddy is the right player at the moment."

"The most important requirement for the new offensive man is to get one player who can be there immediately and not somebody who has to adapt, since we are second from last place in the league and must really improve in the first game already," Samwald continued.

"Therefore it could be difficult and we have to see if it's possible with Freddy. Maybe he has to learn the language, adapt to the way of playing in Germany and all of those issues. So this could be a problem, therefore it's important to see after the whole week if he's the right player," he concluded.

Adu will be with Ingolstadt until Sunday, at which point the team will decide about whether to keep the 21-year-old or not.

Ingolstadt is currently struggling and is in second to last place in the 2. Bundesliga. If added to the roster, Adu would join fellow American Amaechi Igwe.

Having undergone an ultimately unsuccessful trial at Swiss club FC Sion during the summer transfer window, the former U-20 star has been in search of playing opportunities since loaning club FC Aris deemed him surplus to requirements prior to the current season.

With parent club SL Benfica also having shown no desire to include Adu in their future plans, he had a short training stint in December with Danish team Randers FC, however his short time with the team did not lead to any interest to join their roster.
Sunday January 9, 2011 2:35 pm
The German second division is a better standard than the MLS so it looks like he is trying to improve his play rather than go back to the MLS which is only a 'Retirement League' for ex decent footballers from Europe and South American plus a few ex High School kids.
Friday January 7, 2011 3:08 pm
I agree with the idea of freddy needing to come back to mls, it seems to be the only place he may get playing time. with someone as young as he is the only way he will be able to improve his form will be playing time with a team that his skills are at least on par with the rest or above, his confidence must be so low right now as it should be. but if he can come home or find a league with a slower pace hopefully he can find the form that was expected of him which has never come to fuition.
Friday January 7, 2011 2:17 pm
I think Freddy should come back to MLS i mean im sorry but this is just pathetic that he has to use a relegatioin espically for a 2nd division team to stay in europe. freddy i agree that europe has beutiful scenery but he needs game time. aris was lookin good but then the coach was replaced and he lost his place. he should come back to MLS and rejuvinate his career like landon did. freddy should come back to MLS play for couple years like 3 and then give europe another go but now he should come back
Friday January 7, 2011 1:51 pm
Didier Drogba was there once and he continued to fight for his place and now see where he is. Adu is only 21 and have lots of time to find himself. Simple solution, fight EVERYDAY!
Ed C.
Friday January 7, 2011 6:27 am
seems Adu just doesn't have the tools and/or attitude to succeed in the game in Europe. so was all that hype just that, hype when he was 16 years old and was going to lead the USA to world cup victory in the future??

i don't think he is being "used and abused" as Jay said but is not performing well enough to convince any team that he is worth signing or even having on loan. perhaps the USA is his best bet but is he even good enough for MLS anymore? perhaps a league down?
Friday January 7, 2011 2:58 am
please...i used to think adu was going to be a good player, but we all have to realize he is not that good of a player you all want him to be. He has benched at all 6 or 7 clubs he's played for and they were little clubs that people rarely heard of even in Greece ( no offense) but they're football is not impressive.

All of you want who want Adu to come back why would you want him back?? to bench here in the MLS?? Even now the MLS is too good for him, thats why DC United didnt want him or play him...even salt lake. And as for Donovan he and Clint are the only two players that are actually good that came out of MLS that are field players (excluding goalies)

the usa will come out with players 10 -15 times better than adu if not already...
Friday January 7, 2011 12:58 am
Sad. I can only imagine he's stuck in a bad contract situation with a club that's looking for some exit cash. I don't know what the outcome of that will be and I know he's a young guy in a whirlwind but, by god, the only path for this guy is the MLS. If the option becomes available someone- Bob Bradley, somone with heart in the game like Lalas- anybody- needs to reach out to him before he's lost for good. He's still only 21!
Friday January 7, 2011 12:26 am
How the mighty have fallen. Shame. SMH
Thursday January 6, 2011 9:29 pm
Good luck Freddy!! Keep on playing hard and never give up!
Thursday January 6, 2011 4:10 pm
Not playing at all, to playing for a good time and sitting the bench, to possible playing in Germany Bundis league 2 for a team bound to be relegated... who makes all these poor decisions for young Adu? I would rather see him come back to the states or even join the Mexican League. He needs PT to be recognized at all, or else he'll fall off a charts/radar. Donovan is a great example of what the MLS can produce. And when he gets a stint of PT with premiere league team (Everton) he wouldn't/didn't let us down. Freddy, stop getn used and abused, come home and play the game.
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