CHAD WINGER - Thursday, August 11, 2011
Freddy Adu's sojourn in Europe is coming to an end as the midfielder will join MLS' Philadelphia Union on Friday.

On Wednesday, the same day Adu was omitted from the US-Mexico roster in the same city, the well-traveled Adu was reportedly near a deal with CD Chivas. However, the 22-year old will be linking up with Peter Nowak in Pennsylvania instead.

When contacted by YA, Philly Manager of Communications Aimee Cicero declined comment, however a press release from the team has announced a scheduled 1:00 pm presentation of an unnamed player.

O Jogo, a sports daily in Portugal has already reported the deal via a newsflash on their website.

Adu, who moved to Benfica in 2007, bounced around the continent with loan stints at Monaco, Belenenses, Aris Saloniki and Rizespor with varying degrees of success.
Thursday August 11, 2011 5:33 pm
Holy smokes, said Batman to Robin!!! I wonder just how Freddy will adapt/adjust to his original MLS coach Peter Noway, I mean Nowak, since he's the very coach who told Freddy to try his luck elsewhere. You know, you remember when Freddy was told outright that he was "too young"??? And now a more mature Freddy is coming back to play for the same guy? So what will Nowak say now, sorry you're too old? That he'll replace El Pescadito Carlos Ruiz, remains to be seen, 'cause I feel that Ruiz is now on a downslide, he cries every time he gets fouled, and is better off going now to coaching school. Good luck Freddy!
Thursday August 11, 2011 4:37 pm
Ran out of pages in his passport just in time. Welcome back ! Let's have more of the play shown at the Gold Cup. Funny, thinking that Freddy is now becoming a 'mature' player, and he's only 22.
Thursday August 11, 2011 4:32 pm
The wonder boy is back! At last, he is right where he should be. Playing for a mediocre team in the MLS.
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