MICHAEL ADUBATO - Friday, March 2, 2012
Going into his third month in Belgium, Mikkel Diskerud is enjoying life in the country.

"It's been great," the U-23 national team midfielder told Yanks Abroad after last weekend's victory over RAEC Mons in Pro League action. "Gent is a great place to live if you're a soccer player or not, so I'm happy."

Having left his Stabæk team in Norway in a loan deal, Mix has to contend with not just a new team in a new league, but also a new formation. Gent's Norwegian coach Trond Sollied is a big believer in the 4-3-3 formation and employs it in every one of his team's games.

"It is different [than what I am used to] but in the second half of the game, I felt more comfortable in my role and felt that I played better."

Diskerud has become the second American to ply his trade in the Belgian top division this season, joining Anderlecht's Sacha Kljestan in the race for a league title.

"I've met Sacha at camps for the senior national team but I haven't talk to him since I arrived," the midfielder said. "I should probably do that. I don't know if he has time for me right now though; they're on the top of the league!"

Although Gent and Anderlecht have already met twice in the league with the team from Brussels winning both times, Diskerud will go up against Kljestan on two occasions when the Belgian play-offs start at the end of the month. Gent's win over Mons insured that they will finish in the top six, thereby challenging for the title.

The Buffaloes have just three more league games to go and will look to take as many points with them into the post season.
Sunday March 4, 2012 9:39 pm
@Brian, got to get better at finding live streams....I can't remember exactly which site I was at but I found one with English commentary and no lag whatsoever, it was easy to tell who was who once I saw the starting lineup. I was impressed by the majority of the players, Mix is the player I'm ready to see at the senior level. I think him and Stu are similar players, Stu is a bit better with on the ball tackles and Mix is more creative on the ball but I would love to see them with Demps in the center of the pitch.
Saturday March 3, 2012 2:19 pm
I was at the game in Frisco. :) Alfredo Morales was good during the game. He was very skillful and adept at possession in tight spaces. As many others have said Mix very influential in his two way mid position. He made many tackles and kept getting the ball forward. Freddy wasn't bad. He could stand to do more defensive work though. He would've been better in Attacking mid than Joe Corona, who didn't seem to find the game. He just wasn't able to find the space in dangerous positions. Gyau was my Man of the Match. His speed and skill on the ball couldn't be matched by the Mexicans. The guys sitting behind me called him "Joe Go," because the repeatedly out raced his defender and finished the play off with a dangerous pass.
Friday March 2, 2012 8:07 pm
@ Yadaki I would love to have that sort of analysis, but unfortunately we had to get a live stream from some swedish website with spanish commentary, so I couldn't tell who was who the whole game. I only visually recognized Adu, Agudelo, and Gyau, who all played fantastic. Hopefully someone can pick up these types of games in the future, at least ESPN 3 if nothing else. Names on the jerseys wouldn't seem out of the question so I can at least look these people up.
Friday March 2, 2012 3:01 pm
Diskerud was fantastic the other night versus Mexico's U-23s. Was very calm and collective on the ball. He was my man of the match. I can't wait to see his progress over the next year. Keep up the great work Mix.

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