Thursday, March 8, 2012
The US U-23 team just wrapped up a very successful camp which concluded with an impressive 2-0 win over Mexico.

Head coach Caleb Porter has his team is in good shape at an important time as the Olympic Qualifying tournament begins later this month

As he prepares to announce his Olympic qualifying roster which will consist of 20 players, here is an educated guess from YA's Brian Sciaretta as to what he thinks the roster will be as well as his breakdown of the team.

We are also going to take a dangerous jump and look at what the roster will look like of the team qualifies for the Olympics. That team will only have 18 roster spots and three overage players will be allowed. So there will be a heavy turnover from the qualifying roster.

For the Qualifying tournament in our 20 tickets to Nashville portion, we are going to cover players who are likely to be released for qualifying. Players like Timothy Chandler, Danny Williams, and Jozy Altidore are unlikely to play as their clubs will not release them.

With regards to Andrew Wooten and Alfredo Morales, both players have earned Bundesliga minutes recently. Given the attacking depth, I think the priority will be with Morales who can play numerous positions.

Hertha may not release him for the whole tournament but they may be willing to let him go for the semifinal game. Porter has said he is willing to explore the idea of getting key players released for the all-important semifinal game.

For the Olympics in our 18 Tickets to London portion, however, we will look at the team as if all the best U-23 players will be available and then asses the individual cases of the overage players.


Goalkeepers (2)

Bill Hamid - Hamid is currently the number one for this team. He has had a good start to his young career with DC United and is the likely starter heading down to Nashville.

Sean Johnson - The goalkeeping position of the US U-23 team is strong as Johnson is playing very well right now. Johnson already has two caps for the senior team and it wouldn't be surprising to see him overtake Hamid if he plays well to start the MLS season.

Defenders (6)

Zarek Valentin - Valentin has proven to be a very smooth defender who is well adjusted to play under Caleb Porter who was also his coach in college. Valentin can make great passes out of the back and distribute well. A few months ago central defending seemed like the team's weakness but Valentin's move from fullback to centerback at recent camps has helped immensely.

Perry Kitchen - Kitchen came off a strong rookie campaign with DC United and after an off-season turf-toe injury, he is back on the field. He is experienced and will help in central defense, right back, or even defensive midfield.

Kofie Sarkodie - Sarkodie's inclusions into recent US U-23 rosters has come as a surprise to many. Sarkoide struggled for playing time with Houston in his rookie year but he seems to be preferred at the moment by Porter over Sheanon Williams who has consistently put on strong performances with Philadelphia. The selection of Sarkodie is even more controversial because Porter coached Sarkodie at Akron and if Sarkodie does not play well in qualifying, it could be an ugly situation for Porter. Still for now, the likely reason is that Porter knows how to get the most out of Sarkodie and there is a good chemistry between them.

Jorge Villafana - On this US U-23 team there aren't many left backs. Villafana has done a pretty good job so far with the U23s and the fact that he is a left back means he will likely continue to be called up.

Ike Opara - Opara has had a tough start to the beginning of his MLS career due to injuries. When he has played, however, he has done a nice job. He recently had a good showing at the US U-23 camp and he has been a welcome addition to a very thin central defense.

Alfredo Morales - Morales is a nice addition to the US U-23 team because he has had Bundesliga minutes this season and he can play numerous positions. He can play, d-mid, right midfield, right back, and center back. The topic of whether or not he will be released is an issue but since he is not a regular with Hertha, it is possible they will see the benefit of releasing him to ensure he gets playing time. It is also possible that he is released for just the semifinal game as well.

Midfielders (9)

Mikkel Diskerud - Diskerud is the most experienced professional player on the US U-23 team and it showed in the 2-0 win over Mexico. He will be extremely valuable for the US team in the central midfield.

Joe Corona - Corona has been another welcome addition to the US team since he decided to no longer play for Mexico. He is a versatile player who can play right midfield or centrally in an attacking position.

Amobi Okugo - Okugo is a very good defensive midfielder who can even play in central defense if needed. So far with the U-23s he has played well and will be very important to the team.

Sebastian Lletget - Lletget is still awaiting a break through to the first team at West Ham who are close to earning promotion to the English Premier League. The central midfielder has played well in the US U-23 camps he has attended and he has recently come back from a concussion.

Brek Shea - The very talented left winger will be a key part of the team as he has already been a part of the US national team. Shea did not excel for the US team in the recent win over Italy but at the U-23 level he will likely have more space to maneuver and that is when he is most dangerous.

Dilly Duka - Duka is a crafty player who has regularly played well for the US U-23 team since the team's first camp last November.

Joe Gyau - Gyau is one of the most talented prospects the US has on the wing and he has made the bench several times for Hoffenheim's first team in Bundesliga matches. His speed and talent have him as a top player on the US U-23 team.

Freddy Adu - It's amazing to think that Freddy Adu is still eligible for a US youth team after been in the headlines for nearly a decade. What's even more amazing is that he is still as much of a mystery as ever. He has continuously struggled at the club level - even last season at Philadelphia. Still he has shown moments of brilliance. He excelled at the Olympics four years ago.

Josh Gatt - Gatt is one of the fastest American players ever and last year he was an important part of a Molde team that won the Norwegian title. He can make important plays and is a top prospect in American soccer.

Forwards (3)

Juan Agudelo - Agudelo has been considered to be an important part of the team ever since the first camp last November. Despite only being 19 years old, the Colombian-born Agudelo has had senior national team experience. His strong game against Mexico recently shows that he will be very important at the qualifying tournament.

Terrence Boyd - Boyd is a highly regarded prospect at Borussia Dortmund and also with US Soccer. This was most evident when Klinsmann selected the German-born Boyd to play with the senior team against Italy. Boyd is both strong and quick with the ball. He has been outstanding at the previous camps for the US U-23 team.

Teal Bunbury - Bunbury was once seen as an important part of the US Olympic team but he has struggled in recent months including with the US senior team for the January friendlies. The University of Akron veteran has seen other forwards maybe jump ahead of him and he will need to do well in qualifying for else he will have a tough time making the Olympic team

Just missing the cut: Tony Taylor, Gregory Garza, Jared Jeffrey, Gale Agbossoumonde, Jack McInerney


This is where it gets trickier and the cuts become harder. The roster is reduced by 2 from qualifying and three overage players are allowed. Plus, it becomes even more likely that the top U-23 players will all be able to attend.

On an 18 player roster, versatility is key and even though I am only listing 5 defenders, many of the midfielders have experience in the backline. Okugo can play central defense. Danny Williams can play all across the backline, and Josh Gatt can play right back. In 2008, the team went to the Olympics with only 5 listed defenders as well.

Obviously with overage players, it is a key question to ask whether each player is in a club situation that would allow the player to be released.

Since most of the players were discussed above, we will only discuss the players who are new.

*denotes an overage player.

Goalkeepers (2)



Defenders (5)

Timothy Chandler - Chandler is an obvious pick for the Olympics because he can play either right back, left back, or right midfield. His speed and athleticism would make him a force at the U-23 level.

Carlos Bocanegra* - The captain of the US national team would be an incredible boost to the US national team's backline. He would give the experience, talent, and leadership. He has never played in the Olympics before but he has said publically that he wants to badly. Would he be released? It's likely given the Rangers are currently in horrible shape and there is a good chance Bocanegra may no longer be with the club. If he is in the MLS it becomes almost a no-brainer he is with the team.

Clarence Goodson* - Goodson would be another good choice to play for the US Olympic team as one of the three overage picks. He was terrific in the win over Italy and as captain of Brondby, he is considered to be a leader. With Bocanegra, Goodson, and Chandler, the team's backline would be in great shape. Would Brondby release him? I would bet yes. He is established enough with his club to return without missing a beat.

Zarek Valentin - Valentin would make the team but would likely move from central defense to left back where he did a very good job in the U-23 November camp in Germany.

Alfredo Morales

Midfielders (8)

Landon Donovan* - There could be no better way to increase the talent level on the US team than by adding the national team's all-time leading scorer. He has already said publically that he would love to contribute and on this U-23 tteam that is very fast with players like Chandler, Gyau, and Gatt, Donovan would be even more effective. Would he be released by the Galaxy? Of course. MLS has never and would never stand in the way of the Olympics.

Danny Williams - Williams is a versatile player who can play fullback at either side and in the midfield either as a defensive midfield or as a right midfielder. With the US U-23 team limited to 18 players at the Olympics, versatility will be important. As a Bundesliga starter, he would give the team talent and experience.

Amobi Okugo

Freddy Adu

Mix Diskerud

Josh Gatt

Brek Shea

Joe Gyau

Forwards (3)

Jozy Altidore - Altidore would be an obvious pick here. He is unlikely to be released for qualifying but if the team qualifies for the Olympics, he could be a dominant force. Under Caleb Porter's system, Altidore would not have to be used as a lone striker. The space and the likely inexperienced defenses he would face could make for a great tournament for the New Jersey native.

Juan Agudelo

Terrence Boyd


For the first time in many years, it is unlikely that the US will use one of its overage spots on a goalkeeper as Hamid and Johnson seem capable to do the job.

At least two of the three overage spots will go to defenders. Most likely two will be central defenders. Once the defense is aided by the overage spots, the sky is the limit for this team.

The true test will be in qualifying where after the group stage is over, it will all come down to one semifinal game. Last year the US U-20 team learned that in one game, anything can happen even if the talent gap is wide between the teams. There are several players on this U-23 team that were part of that U-20 team and they will be heavily motivated to erase the memories of Guatemala City in 2011.
Trent Hill
Saturday March 10, 2012 2:19 pm
Fabian Johnson, Michael Parkhurst, and Landon Donovan.

I'd say Dempsey, but I don't think he'll get let go by his club and I think he'll be in the middle of a possible transfer targeting.

No Bocanegra because I don't think he's fast enough, I think he might be looking for a new club, and at his age you don't want to risk injury at such a crucial time.

Donovan wants to play--let him. An MLS club won't stop him and he'll add a lot in terms of leadership, experience, and both attacking and defending prowess.
Saturday March 10, 2012 2:02 pm
Why should Porter invites players like Dempsey and Donovan? Olympic is everybody dreams and we should let's those boys fullfill their dreams. we have Joe Gyau, Terrence Boyd, Tony Taylor, Shea, Agudelo, Adu, Diskerud and more... The team doesn't need any players in the mnt. Porter should take Cameron and Parkhust and Kyle Beckherman to help Ike Opera in the back. Forget about players such as: Timothy Chandler, Fabian Johnson, Altidore their clubs will never release them for Olympics games and Klismann is going to need those guys for World Cup Qualifier games. But it would be a blessing if those Europeans based players get release from their clubs, but I doubt it.
Friday March 9, 2012 10:06 pm
I agree with everything but the overage defenders. This should be about the future. Cameron, John, even Cameron for central leadership, Johnson for left back stability.

My greatest fear is that the added players will mess up the chemistry in what can only be described as a perfect team flow. Porter will know what he's doing, though.
Friday March 9, 2012 6:40 pm
And what about Andrew Wooten? He got first minutes in Bundesliga.
Friday March 9, 2012 5:49 pm
These Olympics are a golden opportunity for US Soccer. Just go with our best players if they are released, so we can go for a "miracle on grass". Choose Demps, Chandler and Boca to then anchor the D. With these guys and Shea, Adu, Mixx and Agudelo the US could have a very real chance to medal. Bad time to experiment with untested players.
Friday March 9, 2012 12:38 pm
I completely disagree that Goodson will be called into the Olympics. There is no reason not to include Opara in this tourny. And Williams plays CB for Hoff, I don't see the need for Goodson. I also don't think Valentin will be a starter for the Olympic team. I'd rather see Johnson called in as an over aged player so the backline is Johnson, Opara (Williams), Boca, Chandler.

I was also debating if Bradley would be a good inclusion, but in the 4-3-3, and with how good Corona, Morales and Mixx played together, I don't see the need. Not when we have LD and Williams as well.

Really looking forward to this!
Friday March 9, 2012 12:19 pm
Valentin is not good. Call in Fabian Johnson for the Olympics and let him play LB. The attacking talent on this team is tremendous and they have all bought into what Porter is saying.
Friday March 9, 2012 10:54 am
I don't think we should use Bocanegra as one of our over 23 exceptions. I agree he would increase the talent level immensely. However, I think considering his age and his importance to the senior team, I would not risk injury or fatigue on his aging legs. I would save him for more meaningful games than the Olympics and see what someone like, Whitbread, Ream, Cameron or John could do. I know they are less proven but if they can't cut it on the U-23 team then we know more about where they stand for the senior team. Maybe Parkhurst is an option as well considering his ability to play multiple positions along the back line
Friday March 9, 2012 10:13 am
Stu Holden might be a great selection. If Bolton get relegated, I would think he'd be looking for a new home, but given that he's coming back from injury, clubs are going to want to see him in a high level competition, like say--The Olympics.
Friday March 9, 2012 10:04 am
For the overage guys, I'd rather see Bradley than Donovan paired with the two center backs because that would build a strong triangle to defend route 1, which looks like the relative weakness of this team. There's more than enough attacking players, assuming guys like Adu and Altidore come to play.
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