BRIAN SCIARETTA - Tuesday, July 24, 2012
After a long series of negotiations, American central defender Seb Hines has inked a new three year extension with Middlesbrough.

Hines, 24, has spent his entire professional career with Middlesbrough and made his debut with the club in 2007 when they were in the English Premier League.

Despite interest from other clubs such as Blackburn, Hines has elected to remain with Middlesbrough who are expected to contend this season for promotion into the English Premier League.

"The three year deal with Middlesbrough is done," Hines' agent Matthew Southall told YA.

In the past, Hines has played with English youth national teams from the U-16s through the U-19s. He was born in England to a father who was in the US military, but Hines has held a US passport since he was a young child.

Hines has said publically that he wants to play for the United States and will file a one-time switch as soon as he is invited to the US national team.
Thursday July 26, 2012 10:44 am
I have a feeling we will see Hines sooner rather than later in a USMNT jersey.
Wednesday July 25, 2012 8:44 am
Hopefully JK and the rest of the coaching staff call him into a camp for a closer look. He could be a nice player for the USNT....or at the very least provide depth at a position where we are lacking experienced professionals.
IMO Boca, Gooch, and Goodson all lack the speed to play a high tempo/press system and will likely not be apart of the 2014 WC. That leaves us with Cameron (27 - Little High level experience), Ream (25 - 1/2 season of BPL), Gonzalez (25 - Returning from Injury), John (25 - 1 Failed Loan), and Williams & Morales (emergency fill ins seeing spotty use as CB's for their clubs).
It'll likely be another cycle (2018) before we have a deep pool of CB's to choose from....Brooks, Cunningham, Packwood, Boss, and the survivors of the above.

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