Friedel's career may extend into his 40s
MICHAEL ADUBATO - Tuesday, November 2, 2010
According to the British press it seems that ex-US Nats 'keeper Brad Friedel will be offered a new contract at the end of the season when his current deal expires at Aston Villa.

This means that the native of the Buckeye State will join the few and proud who have been able to play at the highest level while in their 40s.

Coincidentally, Friedel was booted out of Liverpool, moving to Blackburn Rovers in 2000 after playing just 25 games on the red side of the Mersey.

The irony comes in the form of current Villa head coach Gerard Houllier, who was the then-Liverpool coach and the man responsible for showing the Yank the door.

Although this is good news for the shot-stopper who has 82 national team caps, what is to become of his team mate and understudy Brad Guzan?

The 6'4" Villa number two is already 25 years old and has capped for the Nats 18 times, so should be wearing a number one shirt for his club team by now.