Wenger likes the potential in the US
BRIAN SCIARETTA - Wednesday, December 15, 2010
According to reports, English Premier League perennial power Arsenal are weighing the possibility of opening a major training academy in the United States that would focus on developing young American players to benefit the club.

English website released a report today that said that the plan has been initiated by American Arsenal director Stan Kroenke.

While Arsenal have had involvement with Colorado Rapids of MLS, this program would be far more ambitious as it would be geared more toward developing young players into Premier League quality.

According to the report, they quote an unnamed Arsenal source that is confident in the potential in the US.

"The club is convinced that America is a vast and largely untapped potential resource," the source told "[Soccer] is huge in America and there should be more American youngsters getting through to the highest level and the belief is they would be if they had the chance."

Further details of the academy are unclear at this time but such an investment can only help improve youth development in the US.