Jose Torres will likely miss the rest of 2011
BRIAN SCIARETTA - Thursday, September 22, 2011
Jose Francisco Torres underwent surgery on Wednesday for a stress fracture he suffered on the fifth metatarsal of his left foot.

According to team surgeon Dr. Jose Antonio Torres, Paco Torres suffered the injury when his left foot was stomped in the run of play during his team's latest game, against Atlas.

Initially, it was thought to be just a bruise. However, after Paco Torres complained of pain during training, an x-ray was taken and the fracture was discovered.

During the surgery, a screw was inserted into his foot and he is expected to be out for 8-12 weeks. The US international will not be able to play for the US national team in the final four games this year and he will miss the rest of the Apertura 2011 season. He may, however, come back in time for the playoffs.