Behind the numbers
ANDY SCHREUR - Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Jurgen Klinsmann surprised the United States soccer community last week by announcing his 23 man roster for this summer's World Cup.

The exclusion of Landon Donovan sent shockwaves on Twitter and beyond.

However, now that we know who is going to Brazil, I set out to look at the offensive options Klinsmann has included and their form heading into the World Cup.

First, a couple of notes about the data I used. I focused on the data to include Non-Penalty Goals per 90 minutes (NPG90). Penalty strike rates are about 76% successful and anyone on a team can be selected as the penalty-taker, offensive player or not (see: Leighton Baines). Additionally, some players are subbed off frequently, some are never subbed off. NPG90 gives a fair representation of non-penalty goals scored per 90 minutes of playing time, which makes comparing offensive productivity more accurate.

For Chris Wondolowski and Client Dempsey, that data is limited because each have only played 8-9 games this season. I also included Jozy Altidore and Aron Johannsson, who round out the four true USMNT forwards going to Brazil. Additionally, I included Alejandro Bedoya who scored five goals for Nantes and Julian Green, who scored 15 goals for Bayern Munich's second team this season. He did make one senior appearance for the Bundesliga champions but I did not include that in the numbers below.