Fox Soccer Plus to enter US living rooms
RYAN NOEL - Tuesday, January 26, 2010
Fox Soccer Channel has announced that a new, all-soccer channel will be added to their repertoire - Fox Soccer Plus. The feeds for games that currently run on Setanta are sublicensed from Fox, but those sublicenses apparently end at the end of February, at which point Fox is letting the license expire and will use the feeds to launch the new Plus channel on March 1.

The best news - High Definition soccer is finally coming across the pond. Yes, it's only about three years late to the party. But hey, better late than never! Only two and a half more months of grainy feeds!

As for Setanta, they are no listing any games being shown in the United States after February 28, so it's possible that the entity will cease to exist in its current state. It's still unclear what will ultimately happen to Setanta, but we do know that Fox is in negotiations to takeover Setanta Sports USA.

According to the Fox Soccer website, the new Fox Soccer Plus (in HD!) will kick off with a bang:
Fox Soccer Plus is scheduled to kick off with an impressive lineup of live soccer matches during the network's first week. Barclays Premier League games are set to air March 6-7, the FA Cup quarterfinals are taking place, and Italy's Serie A is in full swing. Specific teams and match times will be determined in the coming weeks.

The last big question - will you get Fox Soccer Plus? Right now, it's unclear (at best) who will broadcast the channel from its outset, but I feel it's a safe bet that the major satellite companies (DirecTV and Dish) will carry it immediately. There is no official mention of pricing for this new channel, but plenty of speculation that it will command the same $15month price tag that Setanta had.

If you want to request the channel in your specific area, call 1-877-810-KICK.