Setanta bids adieu to the US market
RYAN NOEL - Friday, January 29, 2010
Setanta has announced the end to its US broadcast on March 1st, allowing for Fox's new "Fox Soccer Plus" channel to make it's debut.

We reported some about this briefly in an earlier blog post, but Wednesday it was made official.

The press release from Fox stated that they had acquired "select" broadcasting rights (read: FA Cup, EPL, etc.) from the former Irish broadcasters.

From Setanta's official press release:
"This is a significant milestone in the re-organisation of Setanta Sports, following the acquisition of Setanta's businesses in Ireland, the US, Canada and Australia in July 2009," said Leonard Ryan, Co-Founder of Setanta Sports . "Having examined several options for our US business, we concluded that the best course of action for the Group is to exit the US market and to concentrate on other markets where we can be a more substantial player in sports television. This transaction enables us to achieve that objective and to explore new opportunities in other markets."

Until Fox reveals more, though, we won't know anything about prices, channels, and schedules.

(Oh, and still no official word on the launch of FSC HD)