Would these guys bet on themselves?
RYAN NOEL - Monday, February 8, 2010
If you're a betting man, a Vegas man, a CentSports.com addict, or just your run-of-the-mill degenerate gambler - I've got a little something for you to start the week.

Betting odds for the World Cup.

Admit it, you're just a tiny bit excited by that. Aren't you?

World-Cup2010odds.com has compiled odds from the major betting websites, ranking the countries from most likely winner to least likely. Obviously, the top of the list is Spain, Brazil, England, and Argentina (in that order). New Zealand, not surprisingly, brings up the rear with a payout as high as 15001 on one site (hint: don't place that bet).

Interestingly, the United States comes in smack dab in the middle, alongside the likes of Mexico, Ghana, Serbia, and Greece. The lowest odds for the Red, White, and Blue are 50-1 on two sites, with the highest being 80-1 on three sites.

So who would I take (that is, if CentSports would let me put my $0.10 on something this far in advance)? Holland (at 12-1) seems like a decent value, and my longshot pick would be Ghana, Cameroon, or Nigeria (all greater than 80-1).


Also, it was just announced that DirecTV and Dish will be airing the first HD games on Fox Soccer Channel this Wednesday.

Cable providers still won't be doing this, but satellite subscribers are in luck!