BRIAN SCIARETTA - Tuesday, July 30, 2013
US Soccer has begun the process of Aron Johannsson's application for a one-time switch to leave the Icelandic program and represent the United States in international competition.

This morning, U.S Soccer submitted Johannsson's one-time switch to FIFA but at this time it remains unclear exactly how long the process will take. In the past the process has varied from weeks to months to complete.

"Aron Johannson informed U.S. Soccer of his desire to apply for a change of association to represent the United States in international competition," US Soccer press officer Michael Kammerman told YA on Tuesday. "We submitted the petition to FIFA this morning and look forward to the successful completion of the process."

"We are excited that Aron has chosen to pursue his international career with the United States. We have been in contact with him for the last several months," said U.S. head coach Jurgen Klinsmann. "He is a great young talent with a bright future, and we look forward to introducing him to our team as soon as possible."

Until the switch is completed, however, Johannsson cannot represent either team.

US Soccer added: "The expectation is that regardless of whether it is completed, Johannson will be invited to join the team for the game against Bosnia on Aug. 14 in Sarajevo."

Johannsson, 22, was born in Mobile, Alabama while his Icelandic parents were studying at the University of South Alabama. He moved back to Iceland at the age of four and has represented Iceland at the U-21 level in official competitions. To represent the United States he would need to file a one-time switch with FIFA.

While Iceland's FA today released an angry statement pressuring Johannsson to change they cannot delay the process. Under the rules, their FA is required to turn over all necessary documentation.