Tuesday, October 31, 2006
The long wait until World Cup 2010 has already begun for Red, White & Blue supporters, but YA has no intention of waiting to handicap the field for the South Africa sweepstakes.

With coach (fill in the blank)'s roster deadline only 41 months away, we felt it best to start rating everyone's roster chances as soon as possible. Of course, we will continue to update our airplane manifest as the tournament approaches.

Much change afoot in our third 2010 edition: we've seen a couple of locks downgraded, while Ricardo Clark makes his first appearance at the expense of Pablo Mastroeni. Meanwhile, Kenny Cooper and Brad Guzan work their way back into the 23 ahead of Jemal Johnson and Quentin Westberg.

Our race definitely appears to be opening up a bit, with hot competition foreseen at several positions. All in all, a 23 Tickets-record 41 players had a place on somebody's ballot - all the more interesting because this edition was compiled from an all-time low of six staff voters.

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