Saturday, October 20, 2007
SV Meppen
Max hasn't seen much time
The past few weeks have been positive off the field. Usually, Tuesday mornings we have a session of spinning and aerobics followed by normal training in the evening. The aerobics are done at a gym who are a sponsor of SV Meppen.

I happened to mention in a conversation that I was actively looking for an apartment and the owner of the gym just happened to be looking for a tenant for her empty apartment. We left together to view it and reached an agreement that day. I set about painting walls and changing things to my own liking that week and moved in within 10 days.

Unfortunately on the field hasn't been as positive and I haven't started a match in the last seven matches, two of those through injury. I have worked my socks off in training but seem to be not be tactically the style of striker the coach prefers.

Many fans stop me in the street and ask for autographs and tell me what a good player I am and to stay with the club for many years so I must have done something right in the games I did play.

I have been told that the coach has praised my talent in the papers and said I need time but I feel at this level I should be playing regularly, especially if the players in my position aren't winning games for us. We have only won once in eight games and my last start was the only time we scored more than two in a game, in which I also scored.

Besides that the fans have made it clear they are happy with my small contribution thus far and it makes me feel very welcome being stopped by kids in the street to tell me, in English, that I am a great player for Meppen.

In fact today a delivery man came to have me sign for a package for the neighbors who weren't home. I signed and he turned to walk away then said something in German I didn't get. He then said in English after being told I did not understand, "Score for us this weekend."

Now as good as it feels to be appreciated by fans as soon as he told me that I wanted to say, "Yes I will if I play more than five minutes!" since that has been the trend for the majority of games since my small injury. I have one goal and one assist in three starts if you look at the stats.

As far as back home and family things dad gives me updates on the LA Galaxy games as I am a big fan since their first ever game I attended against the MetroStars, I believe. Although I can check updates online, he is in the thick of the LA Riot Squad, the Galaxy's ultra type fanbase. He told me about Cobi Jones last game and how well he played.

So this weekend will be a home match against the bottom placed team Lurup and I will be hoping for my first start in a long time. If given the time on the pitch to work I have no worries that I won't cause the Lurup defense problems and score a couple.

Until next time,