Monday, November 19, 2007
Since my last update, there had been some positive progress. The away game against St. Pauli II was cancelled due to weather in Hamburg, so we instead, had a hard day of training in the rain. We did some jogging, stretching, then a normal session finished with running up the stairs of the main stand in the stadium.

I was called on Monday morning by another player who told me that he was to pick an American player up from the train station. This of course was a pleasant surprise, and I immediately wondered who it could be.

It turned out to be ex-Colorado Rapids midfielder Daniel Wasson. His first day of training went well. I managed to twist my ankle and leave training early, but was doing well up until I did it. We had Wednesday free so I only missed Tuesday's training and by Thursday was back in training again.

It was good to catch up on current American soccer with Dan and get his stories and hear about his time thus far in his career and equally share my own. He was staying in a hotel but we hung out at my place since I know how boring it is when you're on trial with a team and you have all that time waiting for training but nothing to do. Good to have another American around for a change.

He had a good week of training and the coaching staff asked if he'd stay another week which is this coming week. He stayed at my apartment over the weekend since the hotel was only booked for a week but will move back to the hotel for this week. I think he is enjoying it so far.

So our home game was Sunday against ASV Bergedorf 85. I was hoping for my first long awaited start, but it seemed unlikely with the added ankle twist in the week. I took the bench and watched a shaky game from the start which saw us trail behind three times to eventually tie 3-3.

I was given a bit more time this week to impress and I managed to come off the bench and have a few good attacks at the goal, one of which led to me beating a defender to the endline, putting in a cross and getting an assist for the goal that granted us a point. Although I had a few mistakes in midfield, I feel I had a great contribution to the game and helped my team and I can only hope the coach allows me more time next week.

This week there is a friendly against Dutch second division team FC Emmen and we will be travelling to Nordhorn to face Eintracht Nordhorn where I'll hope to contribute to an away win.

My German is coming along very slowly due to the amount of English speaking Germans, not forcing me to actively use what I learn at times, but I am trying.

Another hard working week in training and in the gym and hopefully a win to top it off at the end of the week.

Until next time,