BRENT LATHAM - Tuesday, August 4, 2009
Marco Vidal says that he can understand what drove fellow Mexican-American Edgar Castillo to want to trade in his green Mexican jersey for the Red, White, and Blue.

Vidal should comprehend the situation intimately, as both players were born to Mexican parents just north of the border, but have found success professionally in the Mexican First Division.

"Edgar is just looking out for himself, you can't blame him," the Indios midfielder said of his dual-countryman. "Growing up to Mexican parents in America makes a player love both nations."

Vidal has indicated in the past that Mexico has shown interest in him for the Tricolor, though he has also said he would like to play for the USA. The Texas native says choosing between the US and Mexico for a dual national is basically an issue of figuring out where the player fits into the team's plans.

"Mexico calls him so he wears the green," observed Vidal. "Soon you realize you're not even being considered for the World Cup, and you switch colors to help out the country where you grew up."

Vidal says the process has something in common with other activities in life.

"It's like having a girlfriend," Vidal says. "You're loyal to her, but if she breaks your heart you go find another lady and hope she will treat you better."

The former FC Dallas player has become a regular in coach Hector Eugui's lineup just south of the border. Vidal was a prominent figure in Indios' semifinal run in the Clausura, and has started both of Indios' games in the early going of the 2009 Apertura. He played the full ninety over the weekend at defensive midfield as Indios fell to Santos on a late, controversial penalty.

"We played well but the ref handed Santos a penalty shot," Vidal said. "In fact that ref got suspended, the press is being hard on that ref too."

Vidal says he watched the Gold Cup, including the final in which a backup American team was thrashed by Mexico. Vidal says though he knows the US has a long list of defensive midfielders at its disposal, he couldn't help but feel he might have been able to help out at the Meadowlands.

"I watched the Gold Cup game, and it's a shame when you see guys playing your position and you know you can do a better job than them," Vidal said. "But my name is barely getting out there, so maybe one day I will get a call."

Vidal will likely see his next action this weekend when Indios host America in Ciudad Juarez. Indios are in fourth place in Group One with one point from their two games.