RICH FIDLER - Monday, November 23, 2009
Helmond Sport got a much needed boost in the standings thanks to an impressive second-half rally on the road against FC Volendam to secure the victory.

The home team's Dominique van Dijk was shown a straight red card in the 16th minute by Dick van Egmond. Charles Kazlauskas fouled van Dijk, and the Dutchman took exception to the American's protest, throwing his knee at the midfielder and earning the early trip to the locker room.

Volendam was not deterred despite playing a man short, and in the 28th minute Jack Tuyp slammed home a penalty shot after Jeroen Veldmate fouled in the area. The 26-year native of Volendam sent his shot to the goalkeeper's left while Robert Van Westerop guessed the opposite direction.

The 1-0 score would hold until well after half-time with the visitors continuing to push forward. Mark Veldmate replaced Kazlauskas in the 73rd minute, however the visitors were unaffected, pushing forward for the tying goal.

In the 74th minute Bruno Fernandes de Brito's cross found the feet of fellow striker Johan Voskamp. The leading scorer for Helmond laid the ball back to Marc Höcher who slammed the ball past Volendam's goalkeeper Robin Ruiter to tie the score.

Just three minutes later, Hemond grabbed the winning goal for the important road victory Höcher's free kick from outside the penalty area was swung in to the box and fooled Ruiter, who expected a touch from one of two Helmond attackers in the six-yard box. The lofted ball ended up in the back of the net for the one goal-victory.

After playing their last two games on the road, Helmond will host FC Den Bosch on Friday.