RICH FIDLER - Sunday, November 29, 2009
Helmond scored on either side of half-time to secure the full two points on Friday evening.

Charles Kazlauskas played the full 90 and picked up a yellow card in second half stoppage time.

Marc Höcher scored in the first minute to put the home team ahead. Höcher's short corner was deflected past visting goalkeeper Brahim Zaari by his owner defender in the penalty area.

Den Bosch's Fabio Caracciolo answered in the 21st when he slammed a left-footed shot past Robert Van Westerop, pulling the visitors even from inside the six-yard box.

Mark Veldmate scored the game winner in the 61st when he pounced on a rebound just outside the six-yard box. Bruno Fernandes de Brito's shot was saved by Zaari before falling to the striker's foot.

Following the win, Helmond will head on the road Monday for a game against the Go Ahead Eagles.