RICH FIDLER - Sunday, February 7, 2010
Helmond Sport bounced back with a victory over FC Zwolle on Friday evening in a frigid Stadion De Braak.

Charles Kazlauskas went the full 90 minutes in midfield for the home team and head coach Jürgen Streppel in the victory.

Moroccan striker Youssef Chida, who started the match, was replaced in the 24th minute by Johan Voskamp who is the clubs leading scorer on the season.

The home team's right back Jeffrey Altheer jumped in to the attack in the 54th minute. His low skipping cross was deflected by Voskamp past goalkeepr Diederik Boer to give Helmond the one goal lead.

On loan Liverpool striker Vincent Weijl - a substitute who came on at the half - found room on the left flank and sent a cross in to the area. The ball found an unmarked Voskamp in the 90th minute. The striker headed home for his second and final goal of the game.

Helmond has a quick turn-around and will host Haarlem FC on Monday evening.