BRIAN SCIARETTA - Friday, November 12, 2010
Beginning next week, American midfielder Shaun Greenfield will be going on a trial at English Championship club Leeds United.

Greenfield, 18, has seen time with the US U20 national team earlier this year and has been training in Italy for most of this season.

His trial will occur on Monday and Tuesday with the club option for the remainder of this week.

"Shaun Greenfield is coming into train with us next week," a Leeds United spokesman told YA.

Greenfield currently only has an American passport and that has slowed his ability to find a club in Europe.

However Greenfield is in the process of acquiring an Italian passport through his family ancestry and this is a factor Leeds took into account when offering him a trial.

Greenfield said he expects to have an Italian passport early next year.

"My thought on this, besides being very excited about the interest from a club with a tradition like Leeds, is that I'm very ready," Greenfield told YA on Friday. "I have worked hard every week waiting for the opportunity and since my passport is still in process, it is not easy to get chances."