DUSTIN BECK - Monday, November 22, 2010
Wisconsin native Charles Kauzlauskas went his usual 90 minutes for his Eerste Divisie club Helmond Sport in a loss to RBC Roosendaal that could turn out to be a tough one to get over.

On the road in front of a crowd of 2,000 at Mariflex Stadion, Helmond Sport had the bulk of the possession and chances early but came up empty handed when the match changed abruptly in the 19' minute.

After Helmond midfielder Etienne Esajas made a clumsy tackle around midfield and sent his opponent to the ground, he was tackled hard by Nick Ripson while breaking the other way.

Tempers flared after the fouls by both players, and it appeared as though Esajas took his hands to the face of an RBC player. The result was Esajas being shown a red card and Ripson recieving a yellow for RBC.

It was only 12 minutes later when RBC striker Melvin De Leeuw took a hard left footed shot from 22 yards away and buried it on the left side of the goal past a frozen Robert Van Westerop in the 31st minute.

Sjoerd Winkens of Helmond Sport was also given a yellow card in the 51st minute, along with Joey Brock of RBC in the 57th.

RBC continued to apply the pressure being a man up, until they finally got the second goal they were looking for when RBC substitue Charlie Van den Ouweland took a pass in the box and dropped it off to his left to a streaking Ralph Suentjes for the easy put away around the keeper from eight yards out.

Helmond Sport tried to find their way back in it late. In the 88th minute Robbie Haemhouts let fire a shot from about 22 yards out only to have it blocked but Haemhouts kept his composure, settled the deflection, and made a nice toe drag around another defender before hammering his shot home in the top left corner from 16 yards out.

The scoring would end there though for 10 man Helmond who are still struggling of late to find wins and the struggle was showing in the players faces after the action on Friday.

Next up for Kazlauskas and Helmond is a home date on Friday versus Fortuna Sittard.